We're a digital refuge. A space to recharge. Whether you're feeling lost, on top of the world, or stuck in your own head, you're not alone here.


Grotto is an anchor, a place of security and peace, from which you can go back to life renewed. We're at your side on this journey of life. We're a community, all of whom are figuring out different walks of life together and seeking something more.


We have found hope in the Church, and we’re passionate about sharing Its beauty with the world. We’re inspired by lives lived boldly, and we’re here to share them with you. As a light for the world, your presence makes the light stronger.



Sarah Yaklic, Director


Questions about Grotto Network can be directed to Sarah at syaklic@nd.edu.


Javi Zubizarreta, Senior Producer


Josh Long, Producer


Ben Kruis, Associate Producer


Liz Colleran, Production Manager


Mariah Cressy, Web Manager


Emily Mentock, Social Media Coordinator


Brittany Jaso, Graphic Designer


Jasmine Curry, Video Intern

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