Game Day Spotify

Super Bowl Spotify Playlist for Super Bowl 52.

The Big Game is almost here.

Supermarkets have created some pretty intricate edible snack stadiums.

We’ve special ordered cheesesteaks, quahogs and chowder for our party VIPs.

Sportscasters have chimed in with their predictions.

We know more about Tom Brady’s thumb than we’d ever care to explain. We’ve considered rush delivery on a German Shepherd dog mask, just for fun.

And we’ve already seen plenty of commercial previews.

Even though we’re watching for more than just the musical performances, we ’90s kids still have a bit of preparation to do before our idols walk on stage for the pre-game and halftime shows.

Enter Grotto’s Big Game Playlist — all the throwback music from the good ole days of JT, Kelly Clarkson’s debut, and P!nk (and a few more artists to round out the experience).

Whether you’re cleaning your house for the big party, just trying to make it through the work week before Sunday night, or out on a Saturday run for the essentials, be ready to “Get The Party Started” with these tunes.

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