Grotto’s Live Conversation from Rome

Watch the video above of Grotto’s LIVE Conversation from Rome.

Director Sarah Yaklic hosted and Christina DiSalvo interpreted in American Sign Language.

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What’s going on?

ICYMI, Grotto’s on the ground in Rome for the Synod.

Back up — what’s the Synod?

Every few years, the pope calls bishops and Church leaders to Rome to listen to the signs of the times and talk about how to respond. The gathering is called a synod, which is a Greek word that means “walking together.” This October, the synod will address young people, the faith, and vocational discernment. The gathering comes at a unique moment in history when the Church is looking for renewal, and she turns to us — the young people of the world — to lead the way.

Ok, so what?

On Monday, Oct. 15, Grotto is hosting a LIVE conversation on Facebook (and on Instagram and YouTube, too!) with fellow young adults who are in Rome for the synod. We’ll be talking about our hopes and fears, and our dreams for the Church.

But how do I fit in?

We want your voice to be represented! What would you ask the young adults we’re speaking with?

Imagine you are in the crowd at St. Peter’s Square, mashed against the metal barricade as Pope Francis makes his way through. People are cheering and holding babies for him to bless, and he stops and looks your way. He leans in and turns his ear to you — quick! You have 15 seconds to tell the pope what is on your heart. What do you say?

It’s not too late to submit your comments and questions. Just chime in while we’re live in the Facebook comments!

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