Saturday, December 15 Advent Reflection

2018 Advent Calendar December 15 Challenge: “Please keep joy alive; it is a sign of a young heart, of a heart that has encountered the Lord.” —Pope Francis.
Do you know people in our generation who have an old heart? People who are being worn down by life? Who are cynical and skeptical that anything might turn out for the good? Those who are only out for themselves?

We can be young and have an old heart just as easily as we can be old and have a young heart. Joy is the key — recognizing God’s love and living in that love brings us new life and we feel joyful.

Keeping joy alive takes work, though — if we go through life on autopilot, we’ll quickly get ground down or succumb to selfishness. Intentionally connecting to a community, developing a simple prayer practice, or offering others small acts of service are all ways to connect to God’s love, the source of our joy.

Where and when do you most feel most close to God? Spend a moment today seeking God and resting in His presence.

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