Sunday, December 23 Advent Reflection

2018 Advent Calendar December 23 Challenge: “You must oppose every form of hatred with the invincible power of Christ’s love.” —St. John Paul II.
In these last few days before Christmas, we shift our attention to peace, which is more than just contentment — it is grounded in right relationship, in justice. When the world is as it should be, when it is as God intended, there is peace. Peace is rooted in God’s design, not our longings or needs. Jesus Christ is the fullness of what God wants to say to the world — in Him, we find true peace.

Peace is rooted in love, but that’s not a simplistic thing to say. Christ’s love is deeper and more real than a nice feeling toward someone — it is demonstrated on the cross. It’s the kind of love that sacrifices for another, even to the point of death. So self-gift is a path toward peace, a way to oppose hatred.

Our feeds are filled with much hatred and violence. Recall a tragedy from the past year that touched you, and read a news report about it. Spend five minutes offering prayer for victims and perpetrators in that event.

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