The Challenge of Finding Home December 2021 Edition

The Challenge

of Finding Home

I was raised in Florida, so moving to the Midwest this year to join the Grotto team as social media manager has made me feel like a fish out of water in a lot of ways. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about home — and the holiday season only intensifies the desire to feel at home, to have a place to belong, to be part of a community.

Finding Home

Fresh off of a cross-country move, Adrienne is starting a family and looking to make his house a home. It’s a struggle to find a place — and the right people — where they feel like they belong. The conversation in the newest episode of our Good and Decent podcast uses some interesting stories to explore how we find “home.”


AustinEater: Exploring Food in a New City

After leaving the Midwest and moving to a new city, Taylor Elliot found himself looking for ways to connect with new people and try new things — so he started visiting food trucks and reviewing dishes on social media. He now runs an Instagram page — @austineater — where he shares and reviews all the delicious food he enjoys in the city.


Providing a Home Through Dance

George started a dance group to help his friends stay out of trouble. But he found more than just a dance group — he found a community, a home.


Stories of People Who Found Where They Belong

Many of the people we feature in our stories are looking for a way to feel at home. Instead of waiting for a community to come to them, here’s how they take matters into their own hands to create belonging for themselves and others.


Read these five steps for how to feel at home when moving to a new city.

5 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New City

In the span of 2 years, Joe Kuhns has moved to six different states. He’s learned a few tricks about facing the transition to a new city along the way. Today on Grotto, Joe shares 5 tips to keep in mind when you move to help your new city feel more like home.


Life at Home Should Reflect Your Deepest Values

“Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values,” wrote Stephen Covey. What better place to organize your life than the space where you spend most of your time: home.


Read how to make your home reflect you and your deepest values.
Read this reflective narrative about why thrifting is good and how there's more than just good deals to be found.

There’s More to a Thrift Shop Than a Great Deal

As someone with two part-time jobs, Grant relies on thrift stores for his wardrobe and household needs.

He finds more than you might expect under those fluorescent lights. 


How to Build Your At-Home Bar and Level Up Your Hospitality

Fewer things in life have the power to make you feel more like a sophisticated adult than hosting a holiday dinner party. Make sure you’re ready to ask your guests, “Can I offer you a drink?”


Learn how to create a home bar setup that will increase your hospitality!
Read through this holiday survival guide if you're taking your S.O. home for the first time.

Taking Your Partner Home for the Holidays? A Survival Guide

Bringing your partner home to meet your family for the first time can be daunting — these four tips will help smooth that introductory visit.


TFW You’re Home for the Holidays and Family is Wearing You Down

It’s not just that you’re sleeping in your childhood bed when you’re home for the holidays — the roles we play in our families of origin can be complicated as we age.


Setting boundaries with family members during the holidays is very important. Read how to set them here.
Read these different ways to help the homeless.

3 Ways to Care for People Living on the Streets

It’s not easy to know how to respond to people who are living on the streets. Here are some fundamentals that can help you engage people experiencing homelessness in a way that enhances their dignity.


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