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When I felt trapped in my apartment at the start of the pandemic, I started going outdoors more. I had never been much of a runner, but with all the time I had, I figured this was a good time to pick it up. The summer heat and humidity made running later in the day harder, so I decided to do something I never thought I would be able to do: I was going to attempt to become a “morning person.”

How to Prioritize Fitness In Life After Graduation

Navigating the transition from college to adult life is a process, and prioritizing your health requires flexibility, patience, and intentionality about how you are spending your time. No matter what stage you are at, investing in your fitness can help you feel grounded during a time of instability. 


Learn about how to stay fit after college with these tips.
Read these 8 ideas for travel self-care.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care While Traveling

“Travel in itself is a form of self-care — a way to break out of our daily mold and remind ourselves of the beauty and variety surrounding us in the world.” Here are some self-care tips to take with you while you travel to your next destination.


‘We Needed an Influx of Love and Joy’

When you’re dealing with a long-term stressor like mental health, grief, or chronic pain, the daily struggle to care for yourself can be exhausting. It’s a challenge to step out beyond whatever walls have you boxed in. Sarah and her husband had reached a low point in their journey through infertility when they found a new source of love and joy: a puppy that got them back into the sunshine. 


Read this reflective narrative about finding joy in life when things are hard.

An 8-Mile Swim In Lake Michigan

Br. Matt Wooters, SJ, is a marathon swimmer and religious brother. He swam eight miles in Lake Michigan to raise money for Cristo Rey High School in Chicago. His fundraiser netted over $25k for the cause.


Your Parents Just Divorced – Now What?

The divorce of your parents can be destabilizing, regardless of your age or life circumstance — here are some approaches to help you navigate this difficult time:


Read these approaches for how to deal with parents' divorce.
Jam to these summer party songs at your next outdoor party.

Summer Party Beats | #GrottoMusic

Hosting a summer party doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep the energy going with some speakers and a playlist. We’ve curated one for you with old and new songs reminiscent of summer, good people, and good times.


Breaking Up Isn’t Easy — Here’s How to Do It Gently

Breaking up can be a difficult situation. But if you want to end the relationship, here’s how to do it gently.


Learn here for how to break up with someone in a gentle way.

Reconnecting Through Colors

Rachel Yumi Chung is an artist & illustrator who uses vibrant colors to express her imagination. Her art helps her reconnect with her Korean heritage.


The Powerful Invitation to “Just Stop In”

What would you do if a friend stopped by, unplanned and unannounced? Chances are, you may feel a little flustered. And if you were in the middle of something, probably even a bit annoyed. This author shares what we gain from accepting (and extending) the invitation to “just stop in.”


Use these apps to get off your phone and spend time outdoors.
Use these apps to get off your phone and spend time outdoors.

These 12 Apps Can Actually Help You Break Away and Get Outside

Even though the whole point of getting outside is to get your nose away from the screen, your phone can actually help you — if you use it the right way.


Ease into Summer with a Minor League Baseball Game

Hot dogs, cold beer, some good company, and summer fun. You already know the good vibes we’re feeling — take us out to the ball game!


Read why you should attend a Minor League Baseball game this summer.
Find the beauty of the game in pickup basketball.

How Pickup Basketball Opens the Door for Community

Making new friends as a young adult can be difficult. That post-college, early-career phase of life doesn’t always seem conducive to finding community. It’s hard to break from our sleep-work-eat mode and get out to find people. And even if we wanted to, where do we start? One writer shares his secret: pickup basketball.


Good and Decent S2|E8: Backstrokes and Headspins

In this episode, breakdancer Nimoy Vaidya and marathon swimmer Br. Matt Wooters, SJ, meet for the first time. We walk with them from a Chicago coffee shop, and then down to the lake front, as they discuss their passions — and dive into how they started getting out of their comfort zones.


Read this reflective narrative about construction workers.

A Letter to Say ‘Thanks’ to the Workers Building Skyscrapers

At 4:30 in the morning — as Shemaiah makes her way downtown to early morning workouts at the gym — the only people moving in the world are construction workers. This is some of what she’d like to say to each of them.


What’s More Important for Fitness: Motivation or Discipline?

When it comes to fitness, what’s the difference between motivation and discipline? This author goes in depth about how the two differentiate.


Read to learn about motivation vs discipline in your fitness journey.
Dance and sing in your car to these road trip songs.

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist | #GrottoMusic

“So you’re on a road trip. Maybe you have carefully planned out your route in advance. Maybe you’re just winging it. Maybe you’re craving some music you can sing and dance with.”


The Surprising Way Self-Care and Service are Linked

“Studies repeatedly show that living lives of giving has enormous, measurable benefits for our health.” The best part? You can start small — even just 16 minutes a day can make a difference.


Learn about how living a life of service can have physical and mental health benefits.
Find workout accountability by trying one of these methods.

Chasing New Fitness Goals? Unlock the Power of Accountability

When she was in college, this author led a club dedicated to helping people get to the gym, so she knows a thing or two about how to find accountability in your workout goals. She offers four pieces of advice on how to follow through with your fitness plans.


A Sustainable Snack: Roasted Crickets

Would you eat a pickle-flavored cricket? You might after hearing what insect-eating advocate Robert has to say about them. Turns out crickets are a nutritional and sustainable snack — one that our food system, and future generations, could benefit from.


Read to learn how to flourish and reject consumerism by practicing intentional habits.

The Antidote to Shallow Consumerism: Intentional Habits

Tired of the hollow feeling you have after shopping too much or wandering aimlessly through the mall? Living more simply is easier said than done, but if you want to invest more in your relationships than clothes, it’s time to shape some new routines in your life.


Meet This Chicago South Sider on the Road to Sainthood

Venerable Father Augustus Tolton is one of six Black Catholics whose causes are moving toward sainthood. This author introduces the man who founded St. Monica Parish, the first Black parish west of Baltimore.


Meet Augustus Tolton, a soon-to-be saint.
Read these important life lessons this author learned after injuring himself.

An Injury Put Me on Crutches — And Taught Me 4 Important Lessons

Neil spent mornings playing basketball with students from the Newman Center at his university — until one day he felt something crunch in his calf. He immediately knew he had torn the largest tendon in the body: his Achilles.

Recovery, he knew, would take months. Now he looks back and realizes that as disruptive as it was, this significant injury also came with some important lessons that he wants to remember.


The Song that Made Me Rethink Classical Music

While she was out for a run alongside Chicago’s lakefront on a gloomy day, Grace happened upon Vision String Quartet. And though this Berlin-based quartet records purely instrumental music, one of their songs changed her life — no joke. Here’s how she describes it.


Read about how this author learned how to listen to classical music.
Learn how to develop patience with these tips.

How to Become a More Patient Person

“There’s a common misconception that patience is something that you are either born with or are naturally lacking. But like any virtue, patience can be developed through hard work and reflection.”


Coexisting with Colobus Monkeys

Mwitu Khalfani and Angela Gathoni are wildlife conservationists in Diani, Kenya. They manage conservation space and build bridges for monkeys to cross busy highways safely. Coexisting peacefully with the colobus monkeys in their local area can be difficult work — but it’s necessary and worth it.


Learn about the four temperaments and how they can help your relationships.

How the 4 Temperaments Can Help You Understand Others

If you’re on a journey of self-awareness, the four temperaments can be of great use. This author goes in depth about what a temperament is, and how you can use every one of them to understand others.


Navigating Friendships with Coworkers? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

“Relationships with coworkers can be benign or life saving. Here are some tips to keep in mind when navigating friendships at work.”


Have you been navigating office friendships? Keep these four things in mind.
Don't ignore these abusive relationship signs.

Are You In An Abusive Relationship? Here’s How to Tell

“Every relationship is complicated — even healthy ones. Think about it: bringing together two people with different backgrounds, personality traits, and goals (just to name a few dynamics) to form a healthy, mutually enriching connection is no easy feat. So how can you tell if the conflict in your relationship is unhealthy?”


What is Gaslighting, Exactly?

Many people throw the term “gaslighting” around, so this licensed clinical counselor explains the term clearly and teaches us how to spot and respond to it. 


Read this licensed clinical counselor's answer to "what is gaslighting in a relationship?"
Being new to Chicago can be frightening, but we have everything here to make you feel like a local.

I Just Moved to Chicago — Now What?

Chicago is a city full of friendly people, delicious food, and possibly your next place to call home.


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