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There I was at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro — my brain deprived of oxygen, lungs seizing and gasping for my Albuterol inhaler, every muscle in my legs telling me to lay down and die. Our guide to the mountain had to grab me by the arm and drag me the final steps to the peak at 19,341 feet, where I promptly broke down in tears. Which is how I learned how silly it is to say, “I want to learn how to ask for less from God.”

Good and Decent S2 | E1: Gratitude Despite

Many of our Grotto Stories show people finding ways to dig deep and stand strong when adversity strikes. Our first episode in this new season of the podcast explores one disposition that seems to keep them grounded through it all: gratitude.


5 Minutes

“5 Minutes” is a short film about JD Kim, a man who chooses daily to live with gratitude despite tremendous suffering. His story of resilience and faith inspires me to live my life with greater appreciation and humility. I hope it will touch you, too. —Aria Swarr, director 


Finding hope in the darkness can be challenging when you have been suffering.

Hope in Darkness — an Interview with JD Kim

Grotto’s new short film, “5 Minutes,” tells the story of JD Kim and the gratitude that fueled his resilience after a snowboarding accident. There were so many interesting threads to his story — we wanted to hear more, so we approached JD with some follow up questions.


20 Short Videos that Will Inspire You to Be More Grateful

As we explore gratitude and resilience in this edition, we compiled this YouTube playlist of #GrottoStories that show people confronting obstacles with a generous spirit. 


Learn how to listen to your inner voice, not the many other voices you may hear.

The Voices In Your Life — Where Do They Come From? Which Can You Trust?

J.S. Park is a hospital chaplain and poet. In his conversations with people facing terminal illness, he heard the same kinds of stories over and over, which made him wonder about the story he uses to  understand his own life. Here, we dive into the book he wrote about the voices we listen to.



The Evening Review: Taking Notes on Your Day to Stay on Track

We’ve created a downloadable journal to help you notice what you missed, find gratitude for the little things, honestly face where you came up short, and move into the next day with intentionality. Try it for a month and you’ll be transformed.


Download these free journal prompts to help you review your day.

Meet St. Oscar Romero, the man who gave his life for the people of El Salvador.

How St. Oscar Romero Changed My Life

Vanesa Zuleta Goldberg describes why she’s grateful for the witness of one of our newest martyrs: “Looking back now, I can see that St. Oscar Romero has been following me my whole life, waiting for me to finally open up the story of his life and learn what gave him such courage and hope when he was facing such oppression and despair.”


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