Meet with the Grotto community on February 9th by clicking this link.

Are you looking for community in the Fort Wayne area? Want to connect with other young adults? 

Come and meet up with the Grotto community in Fort Wayne on Tuesday, Feb. 9. We’re inviting anyone who’s a fan of Grotto Network for a night of storytelling and community. It’s been a long winter — come out to meet some like-minded folks and dive deeper into #GrottoStories

When is this happening?

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 7 p.m. The gathering will last about an hour, but there will be a chance to (safely) wander into some nearby bars and restaurants afterward with new friends (beers on us!). 

And where? 

St. Charles Borromeo Church in Fort Wayne — that’s at 4916 Trier Road

Who will be there?

This is an open invitation to any young adult who has crossed paths with Grotto Network digitally. If you’re reading this page, that’s you! If you like what you see on this site or our social channels, come join us!

What about Covid?

The reason we’re gathering in a church is that it’s a space big enough for us to spread out and stay safe (for events like this, usually we’d be gathering in a bar or around a bonfire). We’re simply excited to meet some of the people in our digital community in person — just behind a mask and while socially distanced.

What can I expect at this event? 

A few things! You’ll meet other folks in the Grotto Network community, for one. 

And even though we’re meeting in a church, this is not a church service — it’s a storytelling night. Grotto’s Senior Editor, Josh Noem, will be there to share some new #GrottoStories. He’ll also offer some insights about how to make an impact in our networks of friendships, both digitally and in-person. The storytelling portion of the night should take about 40 minutes, and there will be time for Q/A and dialogue after. 

Afterward, we will hand out gift cards to nearby bars and restaurants so that you can congregate (safely) in small groups and carry on the conversation over some small plates or beers.

At the end of the day, we’re simply looking for an opportunity to establish some new connections with one another, deepening the community we’re building at Grotto Network. We’re hosting this gathering with the Fort Wayne Catholic Young Adults group — it fits into a regular rhythm of community events that they gather for. 

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