Good and Decent S2|E6: Is It Real?

We’re deep into our storytelling edition where we wonder what else is out there, and this episode of Good and Decent explores everything from the mythical to the supernatural.

Video producers Josh Long and Tara Kelly were curious about local cryptids — mythical creatures like Chicago’s Mothman — and so they set out to learn what they can. When Josh travels south on vacation, he begins to feel like he can’t get away from these mysterious creatures.

Our editor, Josh Noem, brings in a respectable authority — Father Aaron Michka, CSC — who is both a priest and an anthropologist. Together, they discuss paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings, beginning with Father Aaron’s own encounter with “beings of light” that visited him for a time in his youth. Video producer Kevin DeCloedt chimes in with his own personal encounter with the supernatural. 

Read more from Father Aaron about UFOs: https://grottonetwork.com/keep-the-faith/belief/are-ufos-real/

And read the full news story about Bigfoot hunters in southern Alabama that Josh Long mentions: https://www.wsfa.com/story/34533043/evergreen-big-foot-capital-of-alabama/ 

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