Ali Hoffman Talks About Breaking Lenten Resolutions | #WhyWeLent

We’re several weeks into Lent and it’s feeling like a marathon. If you’ve slipped up in your prayer, fasting, or almsgiving, and are tempted to give up, you’re not alone.

Today Ali Hoffman is taking over Grotto’s Instagram Story to talk about how Lent can be really challenging — but that’s okay because it’s meant to be. Sound familiar? Raise your hand if you think Lent is hard. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Growing up, Ali thought the point of practicing Lent was to give something up perfectly for the whole season, and any slip-ups meant that you had to make it up somehow to get to 40 days of sacrifice.

But she could not have been more wrong! A spotless record is not the point of Lent.

Lent is about becoming aware of things we’re attached to as a way to spur spiritual growth.

She wants to encourage you that *no matter what you’re doing for Lent,* perfection is not the goal. Personal spiritual growth is the goal.

Some days it’s really hard — but it’s worth it. And know that we’re all in this together! You are known and loved.

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