Brian Rhude Talks About Confession During Lent | #WhyWeLent

Whether you love confession or find it super uncomfortable, Lent is a great time for this sacrament.

Brian Rhude, a junior at CUA who works for the CAC, is taking over Grotto Network’s Instagram Story today to talk about confession and #WhyWeLent.

He converted to Catholicism a few years ago and remembers making his first confession after coming into the Church.

Even though confession is intimidating to many people, Brian explains how he appreciates it as a reminder of God’s love. God sees our sin and offers us complete and total forgiveness.

Lent is a great time to go to confession because we won’t be alone. A lot of people use Lent as a time for confession as they work on their spiritual journey and relationship with God.

Sin holds us down from being our true selves and doing good in the world. In confession, God offers us total mercy to wipe away our sins so we can love more fully.

One of Brian’s favorite quotes is from St. Vincent Palloti: “God is infinite love.” Confession is a great reminder of that — and the place to go when we want to get up and start all over again.

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