Katie Waldow Talks About Offering It Up | #WhyWeLent

Lent is long season. And for anyone who is working on any or all of the three spiritual practices, there are going to be days that are harder than others.

Sure, it sounded like a great idea to give up coffee or volunteer on Saturday mornings back on Ash Wednesday — but a few weeks in and you’re not alone in feeling that the season gets challenging.

Katie Waldow is taking over Grotto’s Instagram Story today to talk about what she does when Lent gets hard.

This year Katie took on waking up early for Lent to work on discipline and to make time for prayer and reflection.

She was really motivated at first, but when it started getting difficult, she started to question why she had taken it on.

Thinking about people who are struggling more than her, or people she has promised to pray for, helps her “offer it up” and reset her focus on this Lenten discipline.

Katie Waldow speaks to when Lent is getting hard.

She adds that perfection is not the goal. Earlier in Lent, she had a sad anniversary and since that day is usually really hard, she took it as a personal care day and let herself sleep in.

It was what she really needed in her life that day, and it was okay to sleep in. It’s better to focus on progress then thinking that you have to do things perfectly every single time.

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