Erica Tighe Campbell Talks About Lent as a Season of Meaningful Change | #WhyWeLent

We’re more than halfway through Lent. Many of us have broken our Lenten resolution at least once. Some of us may be feeling the burden of fasting. And a few of us might be wondering what the point of all this is. Sound familiar?

But there is a point.

Erica Tighe Campbell is taking over Grotto Network’s Instagram Story today to talk about Lent as a season for meaningful change.

For Lent this year, Erica is adding morning prayer to her routine and also working on her trust issues.

To work on her trust issues, her spiritual advisor has challenged her to reach out to three people and ask for their help when a problem arises — instead of waiting for the problem to be solved before telling anyone.

One of the great things about Lent is that the season gives us a way to begin again and try something new.

Plus, Lent is a season — so we can start fresh every day. If you miss a day, you can try again the next day. God’s isn’t counting your mistakes.

For Erica, the point of Lent is how her heart has changed and how space has opened up for God to enter into her life in a new way.

Morning prayer has become an important and enjoyable part of her day.

This season has also yielded a lot of opportunities for trust, too. Erica feels she has really noticed a change this Lent.

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Erica Tighe Campbell speaks to why Lent should be a season of meaningful change.

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