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Check out Grotto's roundup of the best Catholic social media posts for the week of September 10.
Need a pick-me-up for your weekend? Look no further than our favorite social media posts of the week.

From a heavenly affirmation to choosing joy in every moment, we hope these tweets and Instagram posts bring a smile to your face today.

When you ask God for a sign:

Heaven’s got your back:

Ending the summer with good vibes only:

How can you revolutionize the world around you?

God is everywhere:

Small choices can make a big difference:

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I’m going to be totally honest – I personally find this challenging (not to mention a tad messy and germy). I mean, I don’t often drink outside of my home so any trip to a coffee shop or other place I might get a drink is usually an unthought out treat. I know I could leave a mug in the car but then all these thoughts run through my head: Would I replace it after I washed it? Would it be clean by the time I wanted to use it? You know, stuff that makes probably a simple thing a lot harder than it needs to be. So, what are your tips? Do you bring your own mug? Share with us! . . . #BeEthical #WeAreLinked #bringyourownmug #savetheplanet #climatechange #ethicalliving #sustainability #dogoodforothers #wasteless #greenliving

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Live in joy:

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