Why Appreciating #UnexpectedWonder Matters

Grotto's mission is to share awe and wonder online. Find out how you can share #unexpectedwonder with others to transform the world.
Do you ever look up and just say, “wow,” at a beautiful sunset and allow yourself to be in awe of the world? Do you smile when you see an elderly couple holding hands as they cross the street?

These are the moments that make it worth looking up on your commute, the moments that affirm your belief in God or inspire you to marvel at the beauty of creation or the goodness of people around us.

These moments make it worth looking up from a screen to take in our surroundings.

And, hey, there’s no shame in capturing that moment of beauty. Who wouldn’t want to savor it? ‘Awe’ is an important ingredient leading to true happiness.

At Grotto, we are all about transforming the world with inspiring beauty — especially on social media. So the next time you snap a sunset or a joyful moment, or even the sun brightening your apartment in the morning — consider helping us share those moments to inspire others, too.

We invite you to share these moments of wonder and awe with the world using #UnexpectedWonder. We want to see more of the beauty in your lives and bring it to the digital world!

Why “unexpected”?

There is something more authentic about letting yourself be surprised by the world. We see enough curated beauty online; we want to cultivate authenticity.

This summer, let the beauty of creation or the goodness of people surprise you. Feel the power of awe. And join us in sharing these moments to give hope to others, too.

Each week we’ll share our favorite posts of #UnexpectedWonder on our Instagram account to extend the reach of the wonderful moments that inspire us.

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