Cecilia Jean Pappas Talks About Why We Fast | #WhyWeLent

Lent is in full swing and most of us are a week into attempting to give something up during this season. It might also be juuuuust about the time we’re starting to question why we’re trying to fast from something we enjoy for 40 days.

Cecilia Pappas is taking over Grotto’s Instagram Stories to talk about why we actually do fasting throughout the season of Lent.

Not everyone takes Lent seriously: jokes about everything from fast food fish sandwiches to what people are giving up abound.

Why do we fast during Lent?

Fasting isn’t about “feeling holy” or just “following tradition.”

Lent is time to free ourselves from something in our life that we’ve grown dependent on — we use self-denial to achieve self-control.

How is giving up something like Snapchat or soda going to help us do that?

No matter what you’re fasting from, you’re probably thinking about that thing constantly now that you “can’t” have it.

But every time you think about what you’re giving up, that is actually the perfect time to remember our blessings and all that God has given us.

Fasting during Lent is challenging — but it ends up being a beautiful opportunity to grow by humbling ourselves and re-focusing on God.

This Lent, instead of only thinking about fasting as suffering, consider using as an opportunity to turn back to God who gives us all good things.

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