The Gift of Your Body

Love Your Body

I started using the Peloton app this year after we invested in a bike. The workouts are great — variety, challenging, not just spin! — but that’s not why I keep coming back to the app. One particular instructor, Jess Sims, has helped me change my perspective about my body … and yours, even if that sounds strange. Sims’s catchphrase is “You Get To” — you have the privilege of working out that day. You have the privilege of time with your body. No matter what you look like, no matter your ability or what you think you’re capable of, you get to. No one else has the gift of your body, just you. That way of thinking goes beyond exercise and fits into every aspect of life.

5 Steps to Becoming More Body-Inclusive

We live in a society that emphasizes body image — and holds up an ideal body image in the media and entertainment. So how do we hold on to the truth that every body is beautiful?


Take into consideration these five steps for how to recognize and appreciate body diversity.

Breaking the Mold as a Yoga Instructor

For yoga instructor Kay Woods, yoga presents an opportunity for representation and connection within his community. He works to spread the message that yoga is for everyone and that it offers a unique and healing experience.


Read to learn about how to improve your mind-body connection.

3 Ways Your Mind Can Help With Body Positivity

“Have you ever answered the question, ‘What do you think about yourself’ in an unfiltered way? It can be scary to tackle, but thinking on this and even writing down answers can help you realize where you stand.”


Your Body is Not Your Enemy

Our body is not our enemy. It’s our vessel for this life — our home, even. But we get so caught up in how it’s supposed to look, feel, and perform, that we forget that very important truth. So what can we do to accept ourselves as we are?


Learn about how to practice radical self-acceptance to change the way you view your body.

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