#JumpStartJoy Easter Challenge Introduction

Take Grotto Network's Easter Happiness Challenge to join the Grotto team in spreading joy this Easter season!
The Easter season, at its core, is a celebration of life. Perhaps this comes as no surprise, what with the colorful eggs lining the aisles of stores and the fragrance of spring flowers. Simply put, our world seems to be brimming with life during the Easter season. It is in this overflow that we find, also, our reason for joy. We joyfully celebrate, because we ourselves are alive, and in this life, we can meet and know Christ among us.

This Easter season, we at Grotto want to encourage a movement of joy, one that begins with celebrating the joy in our own hearts and moves outward from there. We are not meant to bottle up our joy. It was given to us to be shared.

Joy is transformative because of its ability to influence each life it touches. There’s a reason smiles are infectious! Just as the women who came to visit Jesus’ grave could not keep the news that it was empty to themselves, so too must we run to others, spreading the joy of Easter.

Easter is a time in which we recognize what an incredible gift life is. When Jesus conquered the grave, he shared a message with humanity: death is not the end. The Resurrection challenges our fear of darkness and reminds us that we are meant to live as people of light.

Join Grotto in using your light to #JumpStartJoy! By exercising little ways of sharing joy each day, we can work together to spread the message of the Easter season and transform our world.

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