Kombucha Brewer Takes Holistic Health Approach

Joe Gady is a farmer and fermenter who makes raw kombucha and kraut. “Whenever we ferment foods, it enhances the nutrition,” he explains. He is on a mission to offer products that support health, well-being, and abundance.

Video Transcript

Rochester, Indiana. Kombucha.

Joe Gady: Basically, this is where we produce all of our kombucha. We kind of separated it from the fermentation out there because the microbes are a little different; they may argue with each other a little bit. But the fermentation process in kombucha is the combination of bacteria and yeast that basically ferments tea that we put in. Ginger root, black tea, and organic cane juice, green tea and fresh ginger, honey.

Whenever we ferment foods, it enhances the nutrition, and when we cook foods, it kills all the enzymes, kills the microbes, so that’s why we want to stress that this is a raw, fermented product.

We say that, here, there’s a hundred species in here. They’re breaking it into all kinds of enzymes, so that holistic look at our food, rather than grind grains, separate the gluten, separate the flour, make a product that is no longer holistic. It now is parts.

This is a two-week-old kraut, yeah, and so taking it down. It’s nice and hot, and it’s crunchy, so we know it’s good. Garlic sippin’ vinegar. So, to health, well-being, abundance.

Grotto: I feel the burn.

Joe: That’s right.

Grotto: That’ll warm you up.

Joe: Yeah. I think we’re in a real crisis in this country in terms of nutrient deficiency, not only in our foods but our bodies. My intent is let’s do things right with the goal that we’re going to have fabulously nutritious foods that actually restore health every time we eat it.

Knowing that we’re trying to do it all right and still having a failure once in a while, it’s kind of a learning curve that we don’t always have the answer to. So we just have to put up with some of that loss. And that’s like a farmer, you know? You’re going to lose some crops once in a while.

The main thing is because of people, and there are so many people that are ill and have trouble, you know?


Life is holistic and in balance and everything counts, so, yeah. That’s what it’s about.

Grotto: That’s cool.

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