Serving Families in Need at Center for the Homeless | Little Ways: Play

This week Grotto catches up with Collin Gortner, a volunteer with the Center For the Homeless. He shares how many ways there are to serve families in need and the joy it brings him to try to make his community a better place.

Video Transcript

Collin Gortner: My name is Collin Gortner. The Center for the Homeless is an organization in South Bend, Indiana that provides housing for families in need. We go to the Center for the Homeless and spend time with children.

Collin volunteers for the center while attending college.

Collin: We play with them and form really good relationships with them and just provide some fun and entertainment and try to act as positive role models for the children there.

There’s a lot of different ways that you can become involved. You can spend time with the kids, you can cook meals, you can garden or tutor there.

Volunteering and trying to make my community a better place for everyone is really important to me, and the homeless is a population that I really care about and really enjoy serving so I try to continue that commitment at the Center for the Homeless.

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