I was hoping to start this month off with a playful take on my love for medieval, Illuminated manuscripts, and specifically the “marginalia” you find within them — the colorful, but hidden figures obscured in the great texts of history. But as I’m writing this, rockets are being fired on the innocent people of Ukraine. And after nearly three years of daily, suffocating death at the hands of Covid, we are confronted with even more lives being taken. 

‘How Can You Work for Those People?’

As a federal public defender, Neil was often asked why he was so committed to serving people who had been accused of terrible things. His story reveals the unique way this role put him in a position to affirm human dignity.


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Learn how to make new friends as an adult by keeping these four tips in mind.

Making Friends After College Can Feel Impossible — These 4 Tips Can Help

Friends are the secret sauce of adult life. So how do we identify and cultivate meaningful and supportive friendships? 


3 Ways to Make Lent Less About Dieting and More About God

Lenten fasting is a way to fight selfishness and be in solidarity with those who suffer, but it’s all too easy to see it as a holy form of punishment. Here’s how you can stay on track with your Lenten observance this year.


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Storytime with Mr. Stephen — For The Joy of Reading

Stephen Noble is an advocate for children’s literacy. He created a YouTube channel called “Storytime with Mr. Stephen” to get more kids to read and love books.


Learning to Say ‘God is Love’ When You’re Gay

If you’re an LGBT person who was raised Christian, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never heard a leader in your church welcome people like you. Eve Tushnet is here to change that, and remind you that God loves you unconditionally. 


Read here as to why gay people need to hear, "God loves you."
Read this reflective narrative about being there for others in times of need.

When Your Life is in Ruins, Simple Companionship is Such a Gift

Shemaiah’s world fell apart when her fiancée left unexpectedly. A simple gesture from a work colleague was enough to help her return from the margins of grief.


She Heard a Calling to Help Immigrants Find Dignity — ‘It Was So Clear’

Meet Joanna Williams — she took a semester off of college for an unusual “study abroad” experience: volunteering to serve migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. The people she met there changed her life. 


Hearing God's calling should be a clear moment — here is when this woman heard Him call her.
Read here why we're very thankful for what poems convey, especially on World Poetry Day.

Can Poetry Teach Us to Love the World — Even When It’s So Broken?

Chris is a Montana writer who has been teaching poetry to fourth-graders on the Flathead Reservation. Read what he learned from them in the process (and dig their amazing poetry!) here.


Good and Decent S2|E5: Going to the Margins

In this episode of our podcast, we speak with a reporter who documented heartbreaking and grace-filled stories from the history of the AIDS crisis and the Catholic Church. 


Watch hosts Javi and Tara discuss marginalized groups with Michael and showcase one of Grotto's mini-docs.

‘Free Room for You’ — A Grotto Short Film

We sent a filmmaker to spend three days with a TikTok personality who also happens to run a New Jersey roadside motel. Don’t miss seeing the stories he tells — and the lives he changes — from his small corner of the world. The film premieres tomorrow — catch the trailer here.


The Fearlessness of St. Oscar Romero | #GrottoMusic

St. Oscar Romero spent much of his life quietly on the sidelines — he stayed in his lane. At a turning point in his life, God called him to be a voice for those on the margins, and he responded with courage — even in the face of death. This playlist captures that fearlessness.


Who was St. Oscar Romero? Find out here as to why the saint was a fearless leader.
Seeing how art connects us can open our eyes — this author noticed how Ukrainian art helped him connect with his past as well as the artist.

The Small Art Stuck in this War

About a month ago, Javi ordered a few small paintings from Etsy — they were landscapes created by an artist in Ukraine. When they didn’t arrive after the invasion began, the gap between Kiev and Indiana suddenly became really small.


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