New Beginnings

New Beginnings

My therapist can attest to how much I like to focus on goals. We’ve discussed goals for my anxiety, exercise, and more. But she noticed something I needed to work on “drastically” in 2022 — something that was brand new to me, just in time for the new year. After getting everything off my chest in our last session, she asked one question that left my mind blank: “Makaela, when was the last time you put your happiness before others’?” 

Unlock Your Superpower: 5 Ways to Adopt a Growth Mindset

Unlocking a growth mindset is a lot like unlocking a superpower you never knew you had. Suddenly, your weakness becomes your strength, a problem which could have stumped you before just makes you smarter, & your potential expands like the horizon. Here’s what Jacqueline learned.


Learn how to develop a growth mindset here.

When it Comes to New Years Resolutions, Grounded > Perfection

“As this new year begins, I’m tired of trying to grow as a person. Instead, I just want to be myself and feel some peace,” writes Marye Colleen Larme.


Take this different approach for setting goals for the new year.
Listen to this Spotify playlist featuring songs about new beginnings, and it will hopefully inspire you.

#GrottoMusic | A Playlist to Inspire Your New Beginning

Setting out in a new direction takes boldness, commitment, and courage. Old patterns and habits die hard — it’s not easy to break out of those ruts. Here’s a playlist to help you as you make a new beginning in 2022.



“Just. // What a horrible, candle-snuffing word. // That’s like saying, He can’t climb that mountain // He’s just a man…”


Read "Just.", a poem about living boldly.

Keeping Dreamers Dreaming

Juan Constantino was born in Mexico — his family came to America when he was 5 years old. As a DACA Dreamer, he wanted to serve the immigrant community and took a job at La Casa de Amistad in Indiana. “Even when there’s a fix, will be other folks who don’t have the opportunities that I had,” he shares. “I’ll make sure to advocate and fight for them to also have equal access, to just be able to live in this country.”


Is Your Friend in Recovery? Here’s What They Need From You

Battling an addiction of any kind takes dedication, hard work, and acts of heroism on a daily basis. If you have a friend or family member who is in recovery, licensed therapist Julia Hogan shares 5 important strategies as you walk with someone toward freedom.


Know how to support someone in recovery by following these ways from a certified therapist.
Find out what habits you can have as a newlywed for a successful marriage.

5 Habits for Newlyweds to Build a Strong Marriage

The first year of marriage is heaven — but it’s also really stressful! Today on Grotto, Dan and Bethany Meola share the wisdom they’ve gained in 10 years of marriage that they wish they’d known as newlyweds. Here are 5 habits they found essential to a strong marriage.


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