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Radical Hospitality

What does it take to make a house a home? And why is it so expensive? No — sorry, that’s the wrong question. You’ll have to forgive me, but I discovered extensive water damage in my house this week and a neighbor’s tree fell on some power lines. They’re replacing windows now — it’s been a lot! 

Teaching Strangers Double Dutch on Brooklyn Streets

These ladies love to double dutch and love teaching new people how to do it. They call themselves the “Elite BKLYN Jumpers” and every week they jump with tons of people to give them an opportunity to have fun and grow in the community.


What does hospitality mean? Read to learn how ministering to the homeless can change the answer.

What Backpacking Ministry Taught Me About Hospitality

“Backpacking ministry’s vision of hospitality is meeting people where they are instead of asking them to come to us. We travel around with a wagon of supplies — sandwiches, hygiene supplies, socks during the winter — that no one has to ‘earn’ by coming somewhere.”


The Difference ‘Scruffy Hospitality’ Makes

“While I can’t claim to have completely mastered the art of “scruffy hospitality,” it’s an art at which I seek to continually grow. For anyone who may be looking to do the same, I humbly offer three suggestions.”


Read "Radical Hospitality", a poem for Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022.

“Radical Hospitality”

“Autumn late afternoon and the
Leaf Falling Moon is
a round, ghostly presence
impossibly large in
an impossibly blue sky.”


“A Space Where Strangers Become Friends”

“I long for community. I long to create a space where strangers become friends, and friends become regulars, frequenting your home. True community involves everyone coming together, sharing their talents and gifts to create something special.”


Learn how this couple committed to building community by hosting regular potlucks.

Sister Connie’s Groceries

For Sister Connie Bach, food ministry is more than a way to serve — it’s an avenue for loving others. Twice a week, with a group of fellow sisters and volunteers, Sister Connie visits families in low-income areas, delivering meals and forming meaningful relationships with those they encounter.


How to Be a Hospitable Steward of the Earth

“We’re regularly reminded of the role we all need to play individually to save our planet. But with the rate at which climate change has intensified, it’s natural to question our impact.”


Learn here for how to be a great environmental steward.

Jazz Like Home

Stephen and Mary Merriman wanted to create a place where musicians could share their work with the community — so they started a small jazz club. They welcome the traveling musicians, serve them home-cooked meals, and share their love for music. 


Dorothy Day Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Dorothy Day was known as a “Servant of God,” and for good reason. Listen to this Spotify playlist we curated that was inspired by her life.


Listen to these songs inspired by the life of Dorothy Day, AKA a "servant of God".
Understand why it's important creating space for women who make space.

Making Space for the Women Who Make Space

“What other role can we play in building a society that makes space for the women who make space within themselves for new life?”


Saying ‘Yes’ to the Stranger in Need

“As we all work toward creating a more hospitable world, let’s remember that the first step is saying ‘yes.’” Read one author’s story of how a community said “yes” to helping a family in need.


Saying "yes" to helping strangers can create a community — read this personal story here.
Read this reflective narrative about why you need to meet your neighbor.

The Courage to Say Hello

Despite having lived in the same neighborhood for years, Chuck had few interactions with his neighbors. When a family moved in across the street from him, that all changed. What started as curiosity about the new family turned into a friendship that has impacted Chuck in a big way — here’s his story about meeting Nick.


The Powerful Invitation to “Just Stop In”

What would you do if a friend stopped by, unplanned and unannounced? Chances are, you may feel a little flustered. And if you were in the middle of something, probably even a bit annoyed. This author shares what we gain from accepting (and extending) the invitation to “just stop in.”


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