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Say ‘No’ to Hustle Culture

I woke up one day to a pounding headache and a tingling sensation on the side of my face. The tingling turned into a sore that wouldn’t heal. After a week of dealing with the headaches and the strange sore, which seemed to be spreading, I went to the doctor — and was sent home with a steroid prescription for shingles.

I Glorified the Grind in College, But Chronic Stress Broke Me Down

“We glamorize ‘the grind,’ working ourselves until we drop, never pausing to rest, running ourselves into the ground, and bandaging our wounds with our accomplishments. Workaholism was the tool that I used to avoid looking inward at the parts of myself I didn’t like so much, and it cost me dearly.”


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Read about these three ways for how to stop being hard on yourself.

3 Ways To Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Setting goals is a great way to motivate ourselves. But what happens when we don’t hit those goals? How does that impact the way we view ourselves?


Having Trouble Sleeping? Use These Stretches to Power Down

“If you’ve practiced yoga before, you may be accustomed to ‘sun salutations’ that wake us up in the morning with the sunrise, warming all parts of the body and preparing us for the day. But there are also ‘moon salutations’ that help us wind down and embrace rest.” 


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Slow Down Your Day With These 3 Practices

“Did you know that there are studies that show that patients who have a window with a view heal more quickly than those without? Recently, I discovered I needed to create more space in my life for things completely different than the post-it notes and iPhone alarms cluttering my days. If you’re interested in making space for beauty in your daily schedule, here are a few easy places to start.”


Mom First, Fashion Second

Balancing being a business owner and a mom is challenging — to say the least. For Paris Jo, her children will always come first, but she’s learned how to make time to both raise her children and pursue her passion as a fashion designer.


Learn how to use your MBTI type to best overcome hustle culture.

How to Reject Hustle Culture Based on Your MBTI

We’re all affected by hustle culture in different ways. Some thrive in it, others detest it. And a lot of us have a complicated relationship with it. So it makes sense that our attempts to resist the dangers that come with hustle culture may look different depending on our personality.


Finding Balance through Fungi Farming

Josiah grew a love for farming mushrooms, and now he grows them as his livelihood. It can take several months to see good results in growing high-quality fungi, but he finds the challenge rewarding and fulfilling, in more ways than one.


Listen to these fall songs to ease into the season.

#GrottoMusic | First Day of Fall

The first day of fall is coming up! It’s tempting to fill your calendar with all the fall activities and events, but as the season slowly changes, don’t forget to take some time to reflect on your life and surroundings.


This Author Shares the Cure to Burnout

There’s nothing fun about feeling run-down and exhausted — especially when it’s due to a job you have to return to day after day. Whether you love your job or you’re just in it for the paycheck, you have to be aware of how it’s affecting you physically, emotionally, and mentally.


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Read "A Love Letter to the Marthas", a poem about how to be still.

“A Love Letter to the Marthas”

“last to be seated, first to stand. 
The work is never done; it grows, 
consuming everything in its path”


Just Starting Your Career? Heed This Advice From a CEO

The beginning of your career can be scary — it seems like a whole new world you’re stepping into. To help you navigate the newness, we asked this CEO what his best advice would be for someone joining the workforce.


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Slowing down in our daily lives could be the key to saving our planet.

We Need to Slow Down to Save the World

“In order to make a real effort to promote change, we need to first ask: how do we create a world where everyone can afford to slow down, where rest is not earned but accepted as a necessity? And how do we need to change our lifestyle to accomplish that?”


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