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Welcome to Advent, the season celebrated to prepare for the coming of Christ in our world. If you are like most of us, these days leading to Christmas are full of the holiday rush. Between finding that perfect gift to hitting up the many Christmas parties and happy hours, it’s easy to lose sight of … Continued

Day 1 — December 3

Being the light in a world that sometimes appears overcome with the darkness of hate and suffering seems like a daunting task. However, it only takes one flame to dispel the darkness surrounding it. By offering a candle, you offer to the world a light that was not there before.

Day 2 — December 4

The world we live in is loud.  From the constant chatter of people around us to the daily sounds of notifications, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Take advantage of the time you have before the noise kicks in to reside in a silent space. Often, it is in those silent moments that … Continued

Day 3 — December 5

Many small moments of beauty go unnoticed because we are too caught up in the demands of our day. As a result, we miss out on a chance to be inspired by the everyday masterpieces around us. From twinkling Christmas lights to intricate snowflakes, there is no shortage of beauty to capture during the holiday … Continued

Day 4 — December 6

During a time when we receive so much, the holiday season is also a reminder of how many people go without the wrapped presents and Christmas ham. Donating one meal to someone in need is not only a way of giving, but it is a recognition that our fellow human beings are just as deserving … Continued

Day 5 — December 7

There are far too many people in our world who do not get thanked for the service they’ve performed for others, and still they continue to put in the work without expecting anything in return.  Surprise one of these people today by thanking them for what they do. Your unexpected gratitude just might make their … Continued

Day 6 — December 8

God’s love doesn’t always reveal itself how we expect or want it to. Sometimes, it takes looking a little harder to find the ways in which you are loved. It might be as simple as a ray of sun breaking through the clouds of a cold, gray day or a smile from a stranger you … Continued

2018 Advent Calendar

During this season of Advent, Grotto invites you to #SeekChristmas. What follows is a calendar with daily reflection prompts to help you recognize God’s love in your life and share that love with others. Each week is organized around a theme, because we know that when we #SeekChristmas together, we’ll renew hope, experience joy, share … Continued

Day 9 — December 11

We like our routines and depend on them as we go through our day. However, some habits can be holding us back from being the best versions of ourselves. Look for a habit that is hurting rather than helping you and cut it from your routine. You’ll realize you’re better off without it!

Day 10 — December 12

Our human experience is widened and developed by our interactions with others. By encountering someone in need, whether that need is physical or spiritual, you embrace an opportunity to learn and grow. As Pope Francis said, “we belong with others.” Encountering another in need engages the connection we hold with every human being.

Day 11 — December 13

Worries carry great weight, even those that are unwarranted. They place a pressure on us that leads to more worry, creating an endless cycle. Laying down a worry doesn’t mean forgetting or ignoring it. It means accepting that it is out of your hands. By recognizing that it is out of your control, you minimize … Continued

Day 12 — December 14

Most of us have the resources to extend the impact of our gifts beyond the intended recipient. By buying a gift that doubly benefits, such as Fair Trade products, you truly live out the season of giving. Here's a guide to ethical shopping to get started.

Day 13 — December 15

Too often, days speed by without us even realizing it, and this only seems to be intensified in the days leading up to Christmas. By taking even just a second to revel in the space you are in, you put a pause on your day for that one moment. Capture the moment in a breath … Continued

Day 15 — December 17

Our comfort zone, ironically, is a dangerous place to be. The longer we stay there, the harder it is to leave. By taking even a small step outside the realm of the familiar, you ease some of your dependency on it. Open yourself to the possibility that the world has so much more to offer … Continued

Day 16 — December 18

  Though we could all use some peace of mind, the world is hungry for more than a break from holiday stress. People all over are in desperate need for peace that frees and unites. When you devote time to praying for it, you unite with those striving for it and bring the world one … Continued

Day 17 — December 19

Joy is harder to come by some days more than others, even during Christmas. The holiday season is a time of preparation, both for baby Jesus and for family gatherings. There are cookies to bake and trees to decorate. By taking the time to brighten someone’s day with a laugh, you can help spread Christmas … Continued

Day 18 — December 20

In a time when we are so focused on getting gifts for others, we often forget that it’s okay to treat ourselves, too! Practice self-care by doing something you enjoy, whether it’s a physical activity or a leisurely one. We are better able to love and care for others when we keep up on our … Continued

Day 19 — December 21

We are attracted to light. It alerts us and draws us in. Darkness, on the other hand, we shy away from. It blinds and impedes us. But the only way to fight the darkness is to bring a light to it. Seek out a place of darkness, an environment that is lacking goodness or compassion, … Continued

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