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Uncharted Waters

We all have many “firsts” in our lives — first relationship, first time on a plane, first time reaching a goal, and sometimes, we’re even the very first to do something in our family or community, ever. Each of these experiences is uncharted territory for us. With this comes a lot of uncertainty, and while some thrive in those circumstances, if you’re like me, you feel a lot of pressure in those moments.

Being the First To Stand Up

Meet Ivy Le: stand-up comedian and host of the Spotify show, FOGO: Fear of Going Outside. She has paved a way for herself as a first-generation Vietnamese-American woman doing comedy and entertainment.


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A Place To Come Home To

Growing up, Shemaiah longed for stability. She spent her childhood moving from rental to rental and never had the opportunity to feel settled in one place.


St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Who was Mother Cabrini? Listen to this Spotify playlist inspired by her life, featuring The Brilliance and themes of journey and welcoming others. 


Who was Mother Cabrini? Listen to this Spotify playlist inspired by her life.

Delivering Joy — One Party at a Time

Tiwana Rochelle wasn’t happy with the job she was working, so she took a leap that changed her life. She left her job at the post office to throw parties for kids, playing as characters, and bringing joy to families — and she hasn’t looked back since.


It’s Not Easy Being First — Here’s How to Take the Leap

“Being the first at something — anything — is exciting. It’s also terrifying. Luckily, there are a few simple — still challenging, still difficult, but simple — ways to work with your mind and body to take that leap.”


Learn these simple methods for how to face your fears of being the first to do something.
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What I Learned From Being the First Interracial Couple in My Family

As the oldest in her family, Clarissa is used to being the first to do things. But one “first” that’s been especially difficult to tackle is being the first interracial couple in her family. What started out as a challenge, however, has led to more meaningful conversations and a commitment to building solidarity.


How I Navigated Life as a First-Generation College Student

As a first-generation student, hundreds of miles from home, José struggled to find his place in school. He spent his first semester soaking in all the first-year experiences he could — and lost himself to a crowd and habits that left him burnt out. Here’s how he found his way back to himself.


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A Taste of Home: A Grotto Short Film

Eufemia Lopez used to cook for Michelin Star Chef Rick Bayless. She eventually decided it was time to start her own restaurant — and put her mother’s mole recipe in the center of it all. She now runs Mis Moles in Chicago alongside her family, feeding customers with the recipes she learned growing up.


Finding Myself in a New Country

It’s never easy leaving home. When Andrea made the difficult decision to come to the United States for college, she questioned in the months after if she made the right choice. She missed her family and felt overwhelmed by all the newness. But eventually, she found her place — here’s her story.


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Read to learn about how reading a book by Julian of Norwich can bring you peace.

Finding Comfort in This Medieval Woman’s Words

“My first encounter with Julian of Norwich came in March 2020, just as the world shut down. Amidst a never ending news cycle of pandemic panic, an abrupt shift to remote learning, and fears that ‘normal’ might be gone for good, the last thing I wanted to do was read medieval literature.”


Notre Dame Surprises First Generation College Student

Armando is a second generation Mexican-American and the first person in his family to go to college. He wouldn’t be where he is today without their support.


Show compassion by learning these four new ways for how to help immigrants here.

4 Ways You Can Support the Immigrant Community

When it comes to immigration, there are many ways you can use your voice and your time. Here are ways to support the immigrant community.


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