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What Else is

Out There?

We spend our day-to-day in the natural — the supernatural seems nebulous and insubstantial. We have an instinct that there’s something “more” out there … but where? And what exactly is that “more”? This is where we’re going at Grotto this month: pondering the weird, mysterious, and unexplainable. 

Yes, Catholicism Can Be Weird — Maybe That’s the Best Part?

Let’s be real here y’all: some parts of our tradition can be far out. We believe in incorrupt saints, virgin births, and resurrection of the body. What do these strange phenomena mean for anyone curious about faith?


Let's be honest — Catholic beliefs are weird. But maybe it's the best part.

A World Within a World: Explore the Mysterious Lives of Tiny Shrimp

Meredith is a business analyst from Indiana who has created a secret neighborhood with tiny, brightly colored shrimp. To closely observe their small lives is to look through a window into a new, mysterious world.


Explore the Mysteries of the Universe with the Pope’s Astronomer

Did you know the Vatican has had an observatory since 1891? Read our conversation with the Jesuit who leads it.


Discover and explore the mysteries of the universe with the Pope's astronomer, here.
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Are UFOs real? This Catholic priest and anthropologist goes in depth here.

We Asked a Priest for the ‘Full Truth’ About UFOs — Here’s What He Said

Now that we have documented evidence of U.S. Navy fighter jets flying next to UFOs, we asked a priest and anthropologist what he thought about the unexplained. He has a surprising take on these kinds of “close encounters.”


FIRE: A Famous Philosopher’s Description of Meeting God

When the celebrated scientist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, died in Paris in 1662, a curious document was discovered in the lining of his coat: a single sheet of paper on which he wrote about an intense experience of the divine.


What is it like to be in God's presence? This famous philosopher went into detail – read more here.
Read this reflective narrative about a terminally ill patient discussing her battle against cancer.

Holding Onto God’s Unfailing Love — Even Through Terminal Illness

What’s on the other side of death? While we each will walk through that door one day, no one knows for certain. Here’s a journal from a woman who journeyed through cancer — read how she approached this question with hope. 


Do You Believe? Exploring the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is believed to be the cloth that wrapped Jesus’ body when he was taken down from the cross. Watch the conversation our editor had with a writer who dug into the scientific evidence behind its authenticity. 


Do you believe? We explore the Shroud of Turin here.
Like the sun breaks through these forest trees bringing light to the world, so does faith brings light and clarity.

Faith Brings Light to a Dark World

This month, we’re exploring what it means to believe in things we can’t see. So we decided to approach a theologian to get to the bottom of what faith actually is.


The Shroud of Turin and the Science of Resurrection

For hundreds of years, a simple piece of white linen has awed crowds. At a glance, it’s not much to see: A 14-foot by three-foot rectangle of yellowed weave with a dark image on it. Burn holes. Water stains. Get too close and it’s nothing but pixels of varying shades of beige. But aided with photography or a computer, the image is a perfect photographic negative of a body.


Read this reflective narrative about the Shroud of Turin.
Who was St. Catherine of Siena? Listen to this Spotify playlist that was inspired by her life.

St. Catherine of Siena’s Fierce Love | #GrottoMusic

St. Catherine of Siena is one of the great mystics in our tradition, but she did not hide away from the world — she was deeply involved in the issues of her day. This playlist reflects her fierce love of God and neighbor.


The Great Mystery and Miracle of the Eucharist

Easter is a good time to reflect on the body and blood of Jesus becoming real for us — and for the world — in the Eucharist. Here’s a video reflection and story about how this gift is a source of hope.


Read this reflective narrative about how God is with us, even when we suffer.
Have you had an out-of-body experience?

3 Celebrities Who Were Tuned Into the Supernatural

You may be surprised to hear how these famous people have spoken about their connection to the life of the spirit.


How the “God Particle” Inspired this Comic Author

Mark Rodgers is a science fiction author who used colliders as inspiration for a comic that tells a story of a scientific experiment with the Higgs boson — aka the “God particle.”


Download these free space coloring pages.

Free Download: Contemplate the Cosmos With These Coloring Pages

Our stories this month have been focused on exploring “what’s beyond” — from tiny shrimp to the Shroud of Turin to cryptids, we’ve been letting our minds wander around the edges of the known universe. Out here on the fringes, it starts to feel like the questions themselves are more important than the answers we’re searching for. That drive — to explore and test and ponder — is like a motor placed within us that drives us to new places.


Good and Decent S2 | E6: Is It Real?

We’re deep into our storytelling edition where we wonder what else is out there, and this episode of Good and Decent explores everything from the mythical to the supernatural.


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