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What’s My ‘Why’?

I fell in love with Jon Batiste’s music these past few weeks, and I don’t know why it took me so long to find this artist. This is a musician who not only knows what he’s about, but he also knows why he’s about it. He has built his life around relationship and connection and joy, and those values function like a motor inside his music. You can hear it. You can feel it. This is the dynamic we wanted to focus on this month with the stories we tell — how to find that “why” motor. 

I Didn’t Think I Could Be Happy Without a Pregnancy

If you are facing infertility, this story might bring some light.


Read this reflective narrative about infertility and depression.
Have you read any of JRR Tolkien's books? These three lessons can point you to a good life.

3 Ways Tolkien’s Stories Point Us to a Good Life

The beautiful, sweeping stories created by a quirky Catholic Oxford professor named J.R.R. Tolkien offer practical examples of how to live a good life in our own time. Here are three things we learned from his literature.


7 Habits to Help You Take Charge of Your Life

We’ve pulled together wisdom from a researcher who studied people who are effective, driven, and connected to purpose — here’s how you can learn from their experience.


Follow these seven habits if you want to take charge of your life.
"Hold on to the light" — this is one of the lessons Jon Batiste's music teaches us.

How Jon Batiste’s Music Can Help Us ‘Hold On To the Light’

After being nominated 11 times in this year’s Grammy Awards and taking home five trophies — the most of any artist that night — the world is learning more about Jon Batiste. And for good reason. 


Raiders Newcomer Advocates for Mental Health

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa just finished college and, as a captain for Notre Dame Football, is aiming for the NFL. As he navigates the uncertainty of life after graduation, he’s also coming to terms with his mental health in a new way. 


How would you spend 4,000 weeks on this Earth?

You Have 4,000 Weeks to Live — How Are You Spending Them?

We all have a limited amount of days on this planet, and it’s helpful to actually put a number to how many weeks that is likely to be. Read this examination of how our concept of time itself might be skewed by our modern age. 


‘I’ve Seen All That the World Has to Offer. It’s Not Enough.’

Aaron’s college experience was the stuff of music videos. He woke up one day alone and rudderless, haunted by a question that turned his life around.


Read this reflective narrative about me re-thinking my college life.

Good and Decent S2|E7: Reaching Out

In this episode, Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa, the former captain of Notre Dame’s football team and an NFL hopeful, shares his journey through grief to find hope in his faith and caring for his mental health.


The Commencement Address We Can’t Stop Thinking About

The heart of the speech is Wallace’s contention that the real value of education is learning how and what to think — to choose “what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience.”


Do you have a commencement speech you can't stop thinking about?
Read this reflective narrative about changing majors in college.

‘I Hated All My Classes’

Allison was just about ready to start her senior year in aeronautical engineering at Georgia Tech when she looked around and realized that she was miserable. She was working herself to exhaustion and losing her zest for life. So she made a drastic move to get her life back.


UFC Fighter Finds Motivation through his Son

TJ Brown is a UFC fighter and his passion & success in the sport is inspired by his son. Growing up with an absent father motivated him to be the best dad he could be. TJ says his son is his reason for his desire to win.


Having unrealistic expectations when building your life can be detrimental. Find out why here.

Are You Building Your Life Around the Wrong Expectations?

Adulthood gives us the opportunity to make our lives into what we want them to be—but that’s easier said than done. Here are a few habits that can help in the process.


Meet the Man Fighting the System with Stubborn Hope: Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is a farmer who doesn’t own a TV or computer, and he farms with horses rather than heavy machinery. He’s also a writer who is inspiring a revolution against an economic system that is built on waste and exploitation. Here’s why one writer sees him as a model for a new way to live in harmony with the land and each other. 


Read this reflective narrative about Wendell Berry.

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