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I Forgive You

Most of us, if we had to think about it, have a story of forgiveness. Some are heartwarming, and some…don’t put us in the best light. My story is an age-old one — a broken friendship.

Forgiving When It Feels Impossible

“I don’t do this well yet, but I’m trying to acknowledge the moments I feel resentment, to reconcile with others if it’s prudent, and to ask for the grace to forgive the people who hurt me — even if it feels impossible.”


Read to learn how to forgive someone who hurt you and why you should.

Paralegal Expunges Criminal Records Free of Charge

Julie Mennel believes that one’s past does not define their future, and her daily work reflects this message. At her legal clinic, she offers expungement services to clients free of charge.


How to Forgive a Family Member Who Won’t Change

Forgiving a family member does not mean you have to forget. Here is a simple guide on how to forgive when family hurts you.


Learn how to forgive when family hurts you.
Read how there is racial healing happening within The Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Reconciliation and Racial Justice

“While the history of Jesuit slaveholding had been known for decades, not many modern-day Descendants knew this chapter of their own families’ stories.”


Why We Can’t Rush Others Into Forgiveness

It can be difficult to forgive those who have hurt us deeply, especially if they have not apologized, and the process to forgive them can be long. This author discusses his friend’s personal experience.


Read about how healing childhood trauma should not be rushed.

Answering Violence with Forgiveness

Diana lost her son to violence at the hands of police. Rather than giving in to hate, she’s working toward healing and change. As the office manager of Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, she helps others get through the pain of losing a loved one. The ministry offers a place for those impacted by violence and incarceration to come together and find both support and reconciliation.


A Different Way of Looking at Forgiveness

“We feel upset, frustrated, and angry when someone hurts us. It’s a simple game of cause and effect. So if forgiveness doesn’t mean to banish anger, what does it actually look like? I think in order to understand this, we need to come up with a new definition for what forgiveness is.”


What does forgiveness look like? This author shows us a different way of looking at it.
Read this reflective narrative about forgiving yourself.

Learning to Forgive Myself for Not Being On Track

Alexandria had a plan for how her life would go. She would graduate college, start medical school, and everything would fall into place accordingly. But her path had more obstacles than she expected. Here’s how she came to forgive herself for having a different timeline than others — and embracing where she is because of those obstacles. 


Good and Decent EP 17: Finding Forgiveness

In this episode of Good and Decent, we dive into a powerful story on forgiveness. Anthony Federico was a Content Editor for ESPN back in 2007. After writing a title that would change his life forever, he found himself discerning the priesthood.

We shared Father Anthony’s story in 2018, and today, we got an opportunity to catch up with him with freelance video producer Katie Rutter to revisit this story of forgiveness.


Forgiving someone who hurt you is very difficult — this author gives three models of forgiveness we can all follow.

3 Models of Forgiveness We Can All Follow

“With some prayer, I stumbled upon the stories of a few individuals who extended their forgiveness in the most surprising ways.”


Getting Out of the Sea of Sorries

Ellie has fallen victim to over-apologizing in her past. But an encounter with her roommate made her realize that there’s power in intentional apologies — and intentional forgiveness. Here’s how (and why) she’s working towards bringing more meaning to her words.


Read this reflective narrative about over-apologizing.
Learn why we make constant mistakes as well as how to learn from mistakes.

3 Tips for Learning from Your Mistakes

“You made a mistake. And if you keep making the same mistake repeatedly, or feel like your life is becoming an endless parade of mistakes, that means you’re not actually learning from them. And that’s an even bigger mistake.


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