I started using the Peloton app this year after we invested in a bike. Cycling had never been my first choice for body movement, and I was reluctant to join the spinning phenomenon after a pre-pandemic lifestyle of yoga, running, and the elliptical machine. Once I was reduced to exercising in my basement after the birth of my second child, however, I started to change my tune. 

The workouts are great — variety, challenging, not just spin! — but that’s not why I keep coming back to the app. One particular instructor, Jess Sims, has helped me change my perspective about my body … and yours, even if that sounds strange. Sims’s catchphrase (each Peloton instructor has a vibe/phrase/hashtag) is “You Get To” — you have the privilege of working out that day. You have the privilege of time with your body. No matter what you look like, no matter your ability or what you think you’re capable of, you get to. No one else has the gift of your body, just you. That way of thinking goes beyond exercise and fits into every aspect of life.

This month, we’re focusing on radical love and acceptance of your body. For a lot of us, that’s a daily battle. Time passes, bodies change, and that’s part of the wonder and awe that comes with them. At different points, your body can feel like a burden, not a gift. The challenge lies in changing your mindset, and cultivating a diverse perspective on what a body can be. The ideal body is a myth. Looking at each other as pieces of art, commissioned by God, can help us see the beauty that is all around us. There are no flaws or errors — we are wonderfully made. 

So join us for stories from former athletes turned yogis, disability activists, therapists, and missionaries that showcase the power of loving your body and every type of body you encounter. We hope they remind you that you get to, and every part of you is a work of art. 

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— Liz Colleran
Assignment Desk & Event Program Manager

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