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The Best Medicine

There’s nothing quite like triggering a genuine, hearty guffaw. Whether it’s making a grown man giggle or causing someone to shoot milk out of their nose — it’s a magical achievement.

Need a Laugh? Here are the Grotto Team’s Recs

The Grotto team is one funny bunch. They compiled the most hilarious videos (in their opinion) all in one place.


Have a laugh, on us. Check out the Grotto team's favorite funny videos.
Learn how Noah realizes that laughter is the best medicine while dealing with an autoimmune disorder.

The Healing Power of Laughter

“One of the simplest ways to give your immune system a breath of fresh air is to seek experiences where you elevate your emotional state towards feelings of joy.”


The Promise of “One Day, You’ll Laugh About This”

“In a world that often struggles to fight for that light, laughter is used as a tool of comfort because it is a tangible expression of joy.”


Find out how using humor to cope can help you see laughter as a promise and source of hope.

Creative Magic Behind Chicago’s Improv Comedy

Doing improv comedy can be an intimidating skill to pick up, but with a teacher like Aram Rayzian, you’ll pick it up in no time! He was also once a student learning the ways of improv, and now, as a teacher, he believes everyone can be taught how to be an improviser with the right fundamentals.


How and Why to Pursue Comedy as a Hobby

For Brandy, pursuing stand-up comedy fulfilled a dream and taught her life lessons in the process. Read more about her story here.


Want to know how to do stand-up comedy as a hobby? Find out how to overcome your nerves and even grow as a person.

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