Do you "feel at home"? Listen to Good and Decent's S2 | Ep2 about finding home if you moved to a new city, state, etc.

S2 | EP 2:

Finding Home

In this episode, Adrienne and Sara speak with Daniel Baker, a neighborhood carpenter who creates home furnishings without the use of any power tools. The craftsmanship he invests in his pieces connects him to his community in a deep way — he wants to be present to his neighbors “from crib to coffin.”

They also speak with Alan Graham, who founded a 27-acre community of tiny houses and homes designed to lift up off the streets the most “outcast, lost, and abandoned people” in Austin, TX: the chronically homeless.

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Listen to Good & Decent's Season 2 opener about two people who celebrate life.

S2 | EP 1:

Gratitude Despite

In this episode, host Sara Thoms is joined by guest filmmaker Kevin DeCloedt to explore the kind of gratitude that pulls us through tough times. They dig into the stories of two extraordinary people who are responding to debilitating disease with resilience and hopefulness: Trey Gray and Gillian Mocek.

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Good and Decent Cover Art

S1 | EP 1:

Finding Awe

In this first episode of Grotto’s new podcast, Good and Decent, we search for wonder in the world. Our hosts, Javi and Sara, discuss how awe can be an antidote to the mundane. Their conversation draws upon encounters with Harvard cosmologist, Mila Chadayammuri, and a priest on safari, Father Pat Reidy, CSC.

“In heightened moments of wonder and awe, you have this sense that creation is alive,” Sara says. “This is the universe alive and speaking to us, if we have the stillness and solitude to receive it.”

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Listen to how these people give back to the community in Good and Decent's second episode, Finding Generosity.

S1 | EP 2:

Finding Generosity

Have you ever met certain people and thought, “Geesh… what’s in their coffee? And how can I get some of what they have?” This week on Good and Decent, Sara and Javi muse on people who exude generosity in their daily lives, and what we can learn from them. Two such people are Charles “Bike Man” Jenkins, who fixes bikes for kids in his local community; and Annie, a barista at the Local Cup — a cafe that runs on the generosity of others.

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Listen to Good and Decent's Ep. 3 about having a change of heart.

S1 | EP 3:

Change of Heart

Have you ever changed your mind about something? This week’s episode of Good and Decent digs into two intriguing stories about experiencing a radical change of heart: tattoo artists who help people cover up racist tattoos, and a man who decided to “live off the grid.”

Randy Orak chose to sell his car and ride a modified bike everywhere. This decision wasn’t simply about living eco-friendly or enjoying biking to work — for Randy, it was something that felt in sync with his soul. Leaving his tech job propelled him into the world of gardening and agriculture.

Ben and Sara discuss how radical changes of heart can come all at once, or little by little. This episode of Good and Decent begs the question: are you feeling drawn to have a change of heart? If so, how? If not now, when?

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Listen to Good and Decent's Ep. 4 about showing empathy.

S1 | EP 4:

Finding Empathy

This week on Good and Decent, producer Josh Long and Sara Thoms explore the theme of empathy, and there’s been no one who has told more stories for Grotto on that topic than filmmaker and producer Michael Burke. Josh and Sara decide to give him a call, and he shares a bit about his personal motivations to do social justice work through filmmaking.

He also speaks about the process of documentary filmmaking — the spontaneity and unpredictability of it. For Michael, the lack of empathy found in public policy and the infrastructure at the border inspired a passion in him to tell stories in that space. Josh and Michael discuss the ways their perspective shifted after documenting and witnessing the pilgrims and their work at the border, as well as the bravery of the migrants.

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Listen to Good and Decent's Ep. 5 about finding and maintaining friendships.

S1 | EP 5:

Finding Friendship

“Friendship is a problem,” host and producer Josh Long says in this week’s episode of Good and Decent. Lately, Josh has been feeling like his friendships have suffered — and he’s not alone. Almost one third of young adults feel that they have no best friends. What keeps two people bonded together over the course of a life? Josh and co-host Sara Thoms turn to three Grotto stories for inspiration on the topic of friendship.

In the first, a video gamer, known as Bearded Blevins, with a large following shares his experience of friendship transcending the boundaries of space and time through his Twitch platform.

The second story is of Pilar Amado, a woman of color who started rock climbing with a desire to find community.

Josh introduces one more (bonus!) Grotto story about inter-generational friendship — a story of three wild turkey hunters in central Michigan.

In this episode, Josh and Sara invite us to take a deep dive into our own friendships: How are your friendships? What do your friends need from you, and you from them, in this season of life?

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Watch how a "useless" monk and an air guitar coincide.

S1 | EP 6:

Air Guitars and a Useless Monk

In the season 1 finale of Good and Decent, Javi pitches an idea to Josh and Sara: A group of air guitarists in Boston have something in common with a cloistered monk in Kentucky. Confused but intrigued by this contrasting pair, the three hit the road for their first post-pandemic road trip…and their first time working together as a trio in person! They set out to discover what it is that connects these seemingly disparate people.

Along the way, they discuss the meaning of life — is it always and only about what we produce in the world? Our work is important, surely, but isn’t there something more to life? Both our air guitar friends and Brother Paul Quenon seem to have a deep-down joy that doesn’t come from work. 

When something is truly use-less, having no apparent “use,” it is done for the sake of itself. Br. Paul describes that there’s a freedom in that. Both playing air guitar and praying as a monk develop a kind of interior life. What in your life is use-less? Is there anything you do for the joy of it and nothing else? Can we truly find deeper meaning in simply being and not doing?

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