Grotto Chicago is a community for recent college graduates.

We’re here to build friendships and connections, explore the city, serve the wider community, and find a deeper purpose together.

Meet Mike

He’s the point person, organizer, planner, maker-and-shaker of all things Grotto Chicago. Aside from enjoying the company of people and having a deep rooted love of Chicago, Mike is all about spending time with family and friends, cooking for hours on end, and walking the dog. Mike is regularly zipping around the entire City of Chicago to hang out, try a new food spot, and explore the many sights and sounds each neighborhood has to offer.

If you have any questions about Grotto Chicago or would like to generally connect, reach out to Mike at mrosset2@nd.edu.

What Do We Do?

Host Regular Meet-Ups

We get together as a community once or twice a week — with the hope that smaller, unofficial meet-ups happen on their own! Our scheduled social gatherings are a time for us to welcome new people, reconnect with familiar faces, and get to know one another more.

We believe it’s important to give our time and talent to others. Our goal is to give back to our neighborhood institutions, as well as the wider Chicago area. We regularly share opportunities in our newsletters, and we encourage people to find ways to give back on their own or in smaller groups too.

Share Service Opportunities
Produce content that celebrate life in Chicago

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to see stories of Chicago folks living life boldly, as well as tidbits on Chicago eats, Chicago culture, and Chicago happenings. We try to get the word out on the good things happening in the Windy City that we feel our community should look into and know about!

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