Guess Who’s New in Town? Grotto Chicago

Need help finding your community in Chicago? Good news — Grotto can help!

As we charge into our fourth year here at Grotto Network, we have a big announcement to make — if you’re in the Chicago area, listen up!

Our stories and insights are about living boldly as our generation navigates life, makes an impact, and keeps the faith. So far, we’ve been walking together digitally, but we’ve always wanted to do more than just connect online. 

Which is why we’re stoked to launch Grotto Chicago — our first effort to take all the inspiration and wisdom and stories from Grotto Network and plant them in the ground as a gathering point for IRL relationships in the Windy City. 

We know it’s tough to make a life in the city, especially when you’re just starting out. There are a thousand questions to face: from where to find groceries to finding a group of friends who aren’t coworkers to pondering where your life is headed. So we’re headed to Chicago to raise some of those questions with you. 

Some answers we’ll find easily: empirical evidence demonstrates that Pequod’s has the best pizza in town. We know that now, so we can move on to other pressing matters. 

Other answers will take some time to sort out, but we have this sense that if we can come together and connect with each other, we’ll discover something new about ourselves and where we’re headed. 

So, if you’re in the Chicago area and looking for community, you’re in the right place. (If you’re not in Chicago, hang tight — we’ll be expanding to your part of the country soon!) Just make sure you’re connected with us in two ways:

  • Follow us on Instagram @GrottoChicago: We’ll be using the digital connections around this handle to stay connected with one another and welcome new friends. 
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter via the form below. Every Tuesday, we’ll send our best stories to your inbox, and if you give us your zip code, we’ll periodically reach out to let you know when we are headed to your neighborhood.

And if you are a Grotto stan, could we ask for a favor? Please pass this announcement along to anyone else you know in Chicago so they can join us, too. We’re going to be doing some fun stuff together and want everyone looped in. 

Stay tuned for Chicago-specific insights, stories, and meet-ups!

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