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Almost everyone goes through a period of time while they’re searching for their state-of-life vocation when they are just “single.” Whether a person ends up in religious life or married life, they are first single and living in a season of discernment, however long that may be.

For some, being single is fun and carefree, but for others, it can be a challenging time. We want to support young people through this phase of life by helping them detach their identity from their relationship status, and also develop healthy habits to better prepare them for wherever their vocation takes them in life.

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Facing the Pandemic as a Single Person

What the World Needs to Understand About Single People

Social copy [IG]: Have you ever felt like the world is pressuring you to pursue a romance? Like being single is nothing but a transitionary stage? You’re not alone. “Happily ever after” isn’t something we should be waiting on another person to bring us — and it’s time people stopped painting it that way. Read more in @GrottoNetwork’s article, “What the World Needs to Understand About Single People.”

[Twitter&FB]: No one “completes” you. The sooner you (and the world) realizes that, the happier you’ll be. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

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5 Things I Did to Make the Most of My Single Years

Social copy [IG]: Often when you’re single, you can’t help but think about ALL of the things you could be doing if you had an S.O. But have you stopped to consider the opportunities that open for you when you’re flying solo? From traveling alone to taking up a hobby catered exclusively to *your* interests, there are so many ways to enjoy singlehood. Read “5 Things I Did to Make the Most of My Single Years” by @GrottoNetwork for more.

[Twitter&FB]: Being single allows you to live your life the way YOU want to. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

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How to Rebuild After Divorce


#GrottoLifeHacks | How to Be Patient While You’re Waiting for Love

#GrottoLifeHacks | 3 Secrets to Being Happy in Singlehood

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