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From incoming freshmen to seniors on their way to graduation, college is a time for personal growth and transformation. It’s a privileged time for students to find their identities and mature into a vocation that will launch their careers. 

People in our target audience — those who are not engaged in a campus ministry faith community — face a lot of stressors in navigating this time. While it’s supposed to be “the best four years of your life,” it can also be a time of loneliness, stress, and anxiety. If a ministry can offer resources to help students journey through these human needs, they’ll build trust and open doors to their faith community. 

Here are resources for college students: from balancing a job with a full-time course load, to living on a tight budget, to taking care of themselves while stressing over coursework, to applying for their first job after college — we have it all covered here.

Here is some of our top content on the topic of well-being for college students. 

Starting your freshman year

A First-Generation College Student’s Guide to Freshman Year

Starting College? Here’s the Advice You Really Need

5 Tips for Thriving in Freshman Year of College

Free Download: College Packing Checklist for Roommates

VIDEO: Notre Dame Surprises First Generation College Student


Nervous for a Big Test? Say These Prayers

5 Tactics That Will Transform Your Time Management

3 Essentials for Successful College Studying

Balancing a Job and Studying in Your Freshman Year 

Social copy [IG]: Worried about balancing classes with part-time work your first year of college? While it requires intentionality and planning, it *is* doable to keep up with both. Read more about mastering the college version of work-life balance in “Balancing a Job and Studying in Your Freshman Year” via @GrottoNetwork.

[Twitter&FB]: Balancing school and work can be challenging, but it *is* doable. It just requires some intentionality. Learn more via @GrottoNetwork

7 Steps to Sharpen Your Focus (use this graphic for promotion)

Check out these seven tips for how to stay focused.

6 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning (use this graphic for promotion)

Try these 6 techniques for how to become a morning person.


Your College Cookbook: 30+ Recipes for Every Student

A Guide to Eating Healthy in College

4 Tips for Eating Ethically on a Budget

5 Cooking Hacks for Next-Level Adulting

4 Ways to Make Almost Any Meal Taste Better


6 Ways to Make College Affordable

5 Short-Term Financial Goals to Work Toward

8 Things to Do to Get Your Finances in Check in College

11 Ways to Save Money in College (use this graphic for promotion)


5 Tips for Actually Sticking to Your Budget

Social copy [IG]: When it comes to making a budget, the important part is to start somewhere (even if it’s small) and to stick with it. But that’s easier said than done — especially when those late-night snack runs and online deals are calling your name. Here are some tips from @GrottoNetwork that can help you stick to your budget, and save some $$$.

[Twitter&FB]: Need to make a budget?💰But already know you’ll struggle to stick to it?😬These tips from @GrottoNetwork can help.

6 Tips for Eating on a Budget

How to Finally Find Time for Your Side Hustle

9 Side Hustle Ideas for Bringing in Some Extra Cash

Free Download: Financial Checklist for College Students


Having a Rough Semester? Walk it Out

The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health

A Better Way to Handle College Stress

Social copy [IG]: It’s nearly impossible not to talk about stress when you’re in school. From classes to jobs to extracurriculars, there’s a lot to juggle. And bottling up how you’re feeling definitely won’t help. 🙅


But having venting sessions after every class probably won’t either — often, they only offer temporary relief. So it’s important to be aware of *how* you’re talking about stress, and how you can do it in a way that actually relieves some of the stress rather than creating more of it. Learn more in “A Better Way to Handle College Stress” via @GrottoNetwork

[Twitter&FB]: When it comes to school-related stress, the solution is not to bottle it up. But how you talk about stress can impact whether you create more of it or relieve it. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

How to Ask for Help if You’re Struggling with Anxiety

4 Ways to Stop Anxious Thinking Before It Takes Over (use graphic for promotion)

4 Ways to Stop Anxious Thinking Before It Takes Over

4 Mindfulness Exercises for Dealing with Stress

3 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Student Life

Free Download: Prevent Stress from Running Your Life

VIDEO: Finding Joy in Daring to Be Different


5 Ways to Deal with Loneliness in College

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Creative Ways to Spend Your 21st Birthday

Drinking in College: What to Expect

7 Ways to Grow More Confident (use this graphic for promotion)

Grotto quote graphic about ways to make yourself more confident: "7 ways to make yourself more confident: 1. Figure out your vocation. 2. Have perfectly imperfect role models. 3. Be your own role model. 4. Make friends with fear. 5. Take action. 6. Learn to accept rejection/feedback. 7. Hold on to positive affirmations."

Do You Really Need 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night?

3 Tips for Naturally Better Sleep

5 Food and Drink Guidelines to Transform Your Health (use this graphic for promotion)

5 tips for how to eat better: "make some water goals; say goodbye to sugar; get to know cruciferous vegetables; invest in high-quality protein; turn your nightcap into tea."

4 Tips if You Want to Start Working Out

What Gratitude Journaling Taught Me About Happiness

Free Download: Customizable Workout Plan

Free Download: 30-Day Self-Care Challenge


How I Found My Crew in College — Without Drinking

3 Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Friendship

How Our Friends Impact Who We Become

This Simple Life Hack Makes Me a Better Friend

5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship

8 Steps to Being a Better Listener (use this graphic for promotion)


Career and Discernment

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in Life After College

VIDEO: Why This Engineer Chose a Year of Service After Graduation

7 Distinct Differences Between College and Your First Job

What I Learned by Taking a Different Route After College

4 Essentials for a Stand-Out Job Application

Social copy [IG]: There’s nothing quite as nerve-wracking as applying for a job, especially when you’re fresh out of school or fighting for a coveted summer internship. And while there’s a ton of wisdom and how-to guides out there on the subject, sometimes you just need the basics. A good place to start? Read @GrottoNetwork’s “4 Essentials for a Stand-Out Job Application.”

[Twitter&FB]: Applying for jobs can be nerve-wracking — making sure you’re prepared and putting your best foot forward can help. Check out this article by @GrottoNetwork to make your resume stand out from the rest. 📝 💯

Email Etiquette Every Twentysomething Should Know

3 Things to Do to Help You Find Your Calling

Tips for Discerning Your Next Major Life Decision 

This Japanese Concept was Key to Finding my Vocation

The Real Difference Between Passion and Calling

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