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Whether happily single, chronically dating, or in a committed relationship, the topic of dating will frequently cross the mind of almost every person in their 20s and 30s. Discerning your lifelong vocation is the ultimate end of dating, so it’s one of the most important phases of a person’s life.

There is no shortage of dating advice out there, but, let’s be honest: a lot of it is trash. Grotto’s approach to dating is rooted in vocational discernment, but without losing the fun side, too. We want to encourage our target audience to establish a healthy approach to dating and enjoy the process along the way!

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Social copy [IG]: Dating can be uncomfortable, especially when those first few dates are barely a step above a resume swap 😐. We make our dates worthwhile when we open up the space for authenticity. That means being real with *ourselves* first. Start by asking yourself who you are and how you present yourself — and go from there. Read more in @GrottoNetwork’s article, “3 Guidelines for Dating with Authenticity.”

[Twitter&FB]: Remember: when you’re on a date, you should be showcasing who you truly are — not hiding behind a mask🎭. Read more about dating with authenticity via @GrottoNetwork.

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Social copy [IG]: Advice, particularly relationship advice, should always be taken with a grain of salt. Whether it comes from your best friend or an online blog, be careful of accepting things at face value. There are some relationship myths that can actually be pretty harmful. Read “5 Damaging Relationship Myths Debunked” by @GrottoNetwork to learn more. 

[Twitter&FB]: Do your research before taking all that relationship advice to heart. Learn more via @GrottoNetwork

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Social copy [IG]: Getting engaged is an exciting step in a relationship. It’s also one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. Because of this, it’s important that both you and your partner are ready to take that next step.

While there’s no set formula for determining if you’re ready, there are a few universal signs that tell you that you *aren’t* ready. Just because you notice one of these doesn’t mean you and your partner should never get married — it indicates that this is an area to work on and resolve before moving forward. Here are a few red flags to look out for:

  • You think that getting engaged or married will change your partner
  • You have not discussed or cannot agree on finances
  • You think that if your partner won’t marry you, no one will.
  • Your partner gives you an ultimatum

READ more of these signs via the link in our bio.

[FB]: Getting married is both an exciting and BIG step in a relationship. While there’s no set formula for determining when you and your partner are ready, there are certain things that it’s important to be on the same page about. If you notice any of these warning signs in your relationship, it’s important to address them before moving forward.

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“How could we create a simple routine to regularly check in on the state of affairs in our relationship? How could we affirm and challenge one another and also share our desires in a healthy way?” . These were the questions that nagged at @kristasteele_ day after day, so she came up with these following three questions that, while each powerful on their own, can transform any relationship when considered together. We’re sharing the questions that ended up transforming Krista’s marriage and close friendships with you today because we think they have the power to help all of us communicate better by asking better questions and getting better answers. They have the potential to support us in becoming better spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, children, employees, leaders, and friends. Practically speaking, there are a million ways to apply these questions to your own relationships. Krista and her husband ask each other these questions once a week — just often enough that they can remember everything pretty clearly, but not so often that it becomes a chore. Maybe you want to copy and paste these questions directly into your life, or maybe you’ll want to tweak them to fit your style. Maybe you don’t ask them at all, but simply use the principles of each one to frame the hard, but crucial conversations that we all face in our close relationships. Read more via the link in our bio. Design by @gratiadesignco

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“When you know, you know.” . This is perhaps the most frustrating thing to hear when you’re dating someone and wondering if it could be headed toward marriage. Yet, nobody seems to have an answer for knowing when you’ve found “the one,” and Google is no help when articles just tell us to look for signs like being so obsessed with someone that you can’t sleep or eat. And to complicate things, where did we ever get the idea that there’s only one person in the universe you’re destined to marry? It’s a nice romantic ideal, but could get us into trouble if we buy into it too deeply and then use it as an excuse when things aren’t working out: i.e., we’re experiencing conflict and challenges, so I must not have found “the one.” . Better instead to think of finding “the one” as a prayerful and thoughtful mutual process by which we commit to a life-long relationship with one, single person. We find “the one” when that process leads a couple to mutually vow faithfulness to one another “until death do us part.” . Of course, no couple is the same and there is no magic formula for suddenly figuring out if your S.O. is the one you should marry, but it might shed some light to hear about the experiences of others who have found the one they committed to for life. @lillian_fallon spoke with a group of men about the moment when they realized they had found the woman they knew they’d marry, and this is what they told her. READ more via the link in our bio.

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