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If the most common New Year’s resolution is to work out more, resolving to eat healthier or go on a diet has got to be a close second. And just like with fitness, healthy eating can have a positive effect on both a person’s mental and physical health. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of brands and businesses that are willing to exploit a desire for health to instead sell unhealthy diet and weightloss products.

Grotto’s approach to this topic has been to encourage truly *healthy* eating habits — not just ones that focus on weightloss or follow a specific diet. It’s an important topic to our target audience and one that they really can’t escape from this time of year.

Here is some of our top content on the topic of healthy eating.


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Social copy [IG]: While regular exercise definitely brings you one step closer to healthy living, you won’t go very far if you aren’t pairing that with healthy eating. Even though we each have unique bodies and dietary sensitivities, there are a few, basic fundamentals that you can implement to create healthier eating habits. Read “5 Food & Drink Guidelines to Transform Your Health” for tips on how to get started.

[Twitter&FB]: If you’re looking to take on healthier eating habits in the new year, here are a few fundamentals from to keep in mind. Via @GrottoNetwork

Sharing healthy eating content.
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Social copy [IG]: Mindfulness isn’t just for meditation — it can actually be a great practice to bring into your eating habits, too. Mindful eating simply involves developing habits that bring your full attention to the present moment (think: listening to your body instead of your emotions about when to eat and how much!). Read “Mindful Eating: What It Is and How to Do It” by @GrottoNetwork for more insight on mindful eating.

[Twitter&FB]: Do you often find yourself opening the fridge out of boredom? Practicing mindfulness is a way to remedy our relationship with food. Read more about the benefits of mindful eating via @GrottoNetwork

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