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Lent is a special time for changing hearts. In the words of Pope Francis, “Let us not waste this season of Lent, so favorable a time for conversion!” 

For non-practicing young adult cultural Catholics, Lent is a unique time because it’s one of the few times a year they actually attempt to practice the faith they grew up with. According to Pew Research Forum, one-third of cultural Catholics say they gave something up or did something extra in observance of Lent. It might be the one time during the whole year when a non-practicing Catholic is actually taking steps toward religious practice.

We’ve put together a “Lent Bundle” to help our target audience on their Lenten journey. Plus, we’ll be sharing content through the season intended to accompany young adult cultural Catholics as they attempt to practice our faith.

Here is some of our top content related to Lent that we invite you to share, too. 

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

3 Things to Notice at Mass on Ash Wednesday


Lenten Bundle: What You Need for the Next 40 Days: A“one-stop shop” for seekers and cultural Catholics to consider taking up a practice for Lent.

What to Give Up for Lent, Based on Your MBTI

*this is one of our all-time most popular articles*

Social copy [IG]: There are a lot of benefits to being attuned to your personality. Knowing your MBTI, for example, can guide you through a number of life decisions — it can even help you choose what to give up for Lent! For ideas tailored to your personality type, check out “What to Give Up for Lent, Based on Your MBTI” by @GrottoNetwork

[Twitter&FB]: Make your sacrifice meaningful with this helpful tool. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

Grotto infographic about things to give up for Lent based on your MBTI personality type: "ISTJ: trying to do it all yourself; ISTP: inertia; ISFJ: internalizing problems; ISFP: social media stalking; INFJ: perfectionism; INTJ: contempt; INFP: your choice of social media; INTP: inaction; ESTP: impulsivity; ESFP: flaking; ESTJ: control; ESFJ: jumping to conclusions; ENFP: overstuffing your calendar; ENTP: playing devil's advocate; ENFJ: other people's drama; ENTJ: overworking."
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How a Daily Journaling Practice Transformed My Lent

How Self-Denial Transforms the Bachelor Life

This Lent, Strive for Improvement, not Perfection

A Carnivore’s Guide to Lenten Fridays

Lent is Not a Self-Improvement Plan

Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving: Hook ‘Em Together

Spotify Playlist for Your Lenten Journey | #GrottoMusic

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Meatless Friday Recipes

Meatless Friday Recipe: Tortellini Soup

Meatless Friday Recipe: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Meatless Friday Recipe: Garlic Butter Ramen Noodles

Meatless Friday Recipe: Tortilla de Patatas


Quick Guide to Fasting and Abstinence During Lent

Social copy [IG]: Let’s be honest, there’s a LOT to Lent. Not only does it go on for a while (40 days to be exact), but between the feasting, fasting, and sacrificing that goes on before/during/after, it can be a tough period to process. But it’s also an important time of the year, and you gain more from it when you understand the “whys” behind the “whats.” Read “Quick Guide to Fasting and Abstinence During Lent” by @GrottoNetwork to learn more.

[Twitter&FB]: Understand the “why” behind what you’re doing this #Lent with the help of this quick guide by @GrottoNetwork

4 Ways Fasting Benefits Your Spiritual Health

4 Things I Learned from Giving Up Sugar this Lent

Fasting wakes us up. It makes us more attentive to God and our neighbor. —Pope Francis


How to Add Almsgiving to Your Lent This Year

7 Ideas for Almsgiving on a Budget

Almsgiving sets us free from greed and helps us to regard our neighbor as a brother or sister. —Pope Francis


We have a lot of material on prayer that is geared toward young adults who are seekers or perhaps just beginning a prayer practice, or perhaps just beginning to think about a prayer practice. We’ve gathered these resources in a separate portal page because they are timely beyond the season of Lent. 

Lent Quotes for Graphics

Here are three quotes below to get you started. If you are looking for more, check out the quote-a-day journal — it contains 40+ daily quotes around Lent that are suitable for a pre-evangelization audience. And each quote has a journal prompt that should serve as inspiration for writing social copy. Borrow and steal any of this at will!

Lent is a time for reconsidering our feelings, for letting our eyes be opened to the frequent injustices which stand in direct opposition to the dream and the plan of God. —Pope Francis

Lent comes to us as a providential time to change course. —Pope Francis

Lent is to be lived as a time of conversion, as a time of renewal for individuals and communities. —Pope Francis

Returning to Confession

How it Felt Going Back to Confession After Years Away

6 Tips for Getting Over Your Fear of Confession

How to Examine Your Conscience

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