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Marriage is one of the biggest decisions any person will make in their lifetime. So what support can we offer people faced with this discernment? From how to know your S.O. is “The One” (which is a myth we invite people to explore), to preparing yourself for a lifelong commitment, to dealing with the stress of wedding planning — there is no shortage of issues to cover.

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Social copy [IG]: There’s a lot that goes into forming a strong marriage. As a bond that is meant to last a lifetime, keeping it healthy is imperative — but it can also be difficult at times.

Today on Grotto, newlywed Anne Ullrich shares a piece of advice that she has been using to nurture and strengthen her relationship with her husband: always try to out-serve one another. By focusing on what YOU can do for your spouse, you show your love in more ways than one. It’s not about splitting 50-50 or “keeping score.” It’s about giving 110% and living with generosity each day.

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[FB]: A strong marriage takes daily effort to build — but generosity and selflessness are solid foundations.

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Social copy [IG]: Feeling like you’re ready to take that next, big step with your S.O.? While nothing can *truly* prepare you for all of the joys and challenges of married life, why not do all you can to set yourself up for success? Deepen your relationship by opening up the floor for conversations about important topics. Read “3 Questions to Ask Your S.O. Before Marriage” by @GrottoNetwork to help you get started. 

[Twitter&FB]: Before popping the question💍, you may want to talk about these three things with your S.O. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

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Married love particularly reveals its true nature and nobility when we realize that it takes its origin from God “is love.” —Humanae Vitae, No. 9


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