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It feels like people are more stressed than ever. Seriously, who has time to relax? There’s so much pressure to stay busy and be successful — and no one feels that more than the 18–34-year-olds we’re trying to reach.

Instead of telling them to slow down or that it’s wrong to be ambitious, we want to help them through the most stressful parts of their week and walk with them toward a healthier relationship with work and rest.

From tips and hacks to the story a transformed perspective, here is some of our top content that addresses stress management.


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Social copy [IG]: Feeling the weight of stress continue to pile up on you? If so, it’s probably time to consider what things in your life are adding to that stress, rather than alleviating it. Ask yourself what you turn to in moments of stress — odds are high that at least some of the time, it’s your phone. While social media can certainly serve as a force for good, there are other forms of “distraction” that do more to give your brain a break. Check out @GrottoNetwork’s article on “4 Mindfulness Exercises for Dealing with Stress” for ideas.

[Twitter&FB]: We face some pretty stressful things in our daily life. There’s no better way to do recover than through exercises that practice mindfulness. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

4 Tips for Staying Joyful in a World that Glorifies Stress

Social copy [IG]: It’s easy to fall into the assumption that the more stressed you are, the more work you’re getting done. We talk about working through the weekend or being up all night studying as if these are accomplishments, proof of our resilient work ethic. In reality, though, they are signs of a world that prizes stress and busyness. Read “4 Tips for Staying Joyful in a World that Glorifies Stress” by @GrottoNetwork for tips on transforming your life from simply busy, to truly full.

[Twitter&FB]: There’s nothing wrong with being busy — most of us can’t avoid having days packed with things to do and people to see. But how highly do we prize this busyness? Get tips for staying joyful in a world that glorifies stress via @GrottoNetwork.

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Social copy [IG]: Have you ever felt paralyzed in the face of a big decision? It can be scary when you come to a fork in the road, not to mention stressful as you try to figure out which path to take. But taking an intentional approach to your decision-making can help replace that stress with peace of mind. Read “How I Made a Major Life Decision Without Stressing About It” by @GrottoNetwork for more insight.

[Twitter&FB]: How you go about your decision-making process can play a big role in coming to peace with them. Read more via @GrottoNetwork

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#GrottoLifeHacks: 3 Ways to Deal with a Stressful Week

#GrottoLifeHacks: 3 Ways to Relieve Stress on the Weekend


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