Free Download: College Packing Checklist for Roommates

Download this free college packing checklist for new roommates to coordinate who's bringing what.

You’re about to move into a college dorm room with somebody you’ve never met, but don’t wait until the first day of school to introduce yourself. There’s a lot to learn about one another as you face the coming year together. 

You’re already sharing living space, so you’ll save time and money by coordinating who brings what to your new dorm room. (You really don’t want to lug an expensive new mini-fridge up three flights of stairs only to find out that your roommate did the same thing, right?) Send this list to your new roommate, and see if you can work out what you’d like to have in your room, and what each of you will be bringing with you to campus.

Download the checklist by filling out the form above, and a link to the checklist will be sent to your inbox within the hour.

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