Free Download: Contemplate the Cosmos With These Coloring Pages

Download these free cosmos coloring pages.

Our stories this month have been focused on exploring “what’s beyond” — from tiny shrimp to the Shroud of Turin to cryptids, we’ve been letting our minds wander around the edges of the known universe. Out here on the fringes, it starts to feel like the questions themselves are more important than the answers we’re searching for. That drive — to explore and test and ponder — is like a motor placed within us that drives us to new places.

At the start of this edition, we talked with the pope’s astronomer — Brother Guy Consomagno, SJ, who leads the Vatican Observatory — and that conversation inspired us to create some coloring pages to help us contemplate our place in the vast universe. Somehow, sitting with the idea of being a speck in the scope of a galaxy billions of years old is good for us. That kind of reflection reminds us how small we really are, and yet each of our lives is still of cosmic significance.  

Fill out the form below for a free set of pages to download and color as you contemplate your tiny, but unique, place in creation. 

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