Easter Celebrations by Grotto Network

Happy Easter from the Grotto Network team! Rejoice and celebrate (in moderation)!

Video Transcript

CHOCOLATE: A woman with chocolate on her face pours chocolate syrup on a cookie with one hand while pouring chocolate candy into her mouth with the other.

MEAT: A man with barbeque sauce on his cheeks shoves a piece of ham in his already-overstuffed mouth.

ALCOHOL: A woman sits in front of half a dozen different alcoholic drinks and quickly tries as many as she can.

DESSERT: A man plows his face into a cream pie.

SWEARING: A pleasant-looking woman with her hands crossed and a smile on her face blurts out an expletive that is censored out.

COFFEE: A woman holding a coffee pot and mug raises the whole pot to her mouth and drinks coffee as it spills across her face.

CHEESE: A man sits in front of many plates of cheese, leans back, and squirts two cans of easy cheese into his mouth at the same time.

SOCIAL MEDIA: A woman sits in front of a computer and looks at two smartphones at the same time.

SODA: A woman opens a bottle of pop next to stacks of plastic cups and the bottle sprays open.

VIDEO GAMES: A man sits in front of a video game console and utters something nonsensical in his excitement at a victory.

JUDGING: A woman with her feet on the table files her nails with a condescending look.

Whatever your Lenten journey, REJOICE! (In moderation.) Happy Easter! Love, Grotto

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