Share Your Thoughts Directly with Pope Francis | #TellItToFrancis

Pope Francis has called a gathering to discuss how the Catholic Church can better support young people in discovering how they can make an impact in the world and boldly live out their faith.

This synod, the official name for this gathering of bishops from across the world, has been called to join him in Rome in October 2018 to address the topic of “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.”

To help Pope Francis and the bishops prepare for this synod, they are asking Catholics and non-Catholics from across the globe to share their experiences.


From March 19–24, over 300 young people will gather in Rome to participate in discussions and answer questions set forth by Pope Francis and other young people.

The sharing, however, is not limited to those in Rome. The Pope wants to hear from you, too! He desires a global movement of young people sharing their hopes, dreams, and struggles and is taking to social media to launch the conversation.

Share your thoughts with the Gathering in Rome.
Taken at the Gathering in Rome


Why not? Pope Francis wants to hear from you!

If we believe in the power of our generation to make our voices heard, then this is time to raise them loudly. Pope Francis has challenged us to, “Let your shout be heard, let it resound in the communities and make it reach the pastors.”

If we remain silent, we lose the opportunity to help make this world a better place. We miss an opportunity to join our peers from across the globe in talking about things that matter most to us.

Share your thoughts with Pope Francis by engaging with the Gathering in Rome on social media.


Here’s how you can get started. If you are between the ages of 16–29, join the Synod Facebook group which is being moderated by young people who will share your insights with Pope Francis.

If you don’t fall into that age group, don’t worry. Use #TellItToFrancis on your favorite social media platform and speak directly to Pope Francis.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few questions Pope Francis is asking:

  • What dreams do you have for yourself and for the world in which we live? #Future #TellItToFrancis
  • How do you live out your faith in Jesus? Do you have a faith community that supports you? #IBelieve #TellItToFrancis
  • How does technology today, with its new opportunities and challenges, help you come to understand and express yourself? #DigitalWorld #TellItToFrancis

Visit us back here each day, and we’ll let you know what’s happening in Rome and how you can best join the online conversation.

The Grotto Network team will be joining in the conversation, and we hope you’ll consider making your voice heard.

Video Transcript

Nicole: It’s exciting that he wants to hear from us.

Brandon: I love it. Tell it to Francis.

Nicole: It’s been a great grace that he invited our responses. Things that excite us and the things that dishearten us and … Our concerns, our hopes.

Erin: But I feel like in some issues, it’s not clear enough of what is right and what is wrong.

Qai: Just like if I can be inspirational in any way, then I try to be.

Brandon: For me, social media … I grew up in a very limited place and the base that was following me back at home — they get to see the world through my lenses.

Anna: Thank you for being more open and showing to the world that the Catholic Church is universal.

Armando: And to really see us as the next light at the end of the tunnel for this world.

Nicole: If the Pope asks us to utilize something that we’re already using every day anyway on our smartphones? Why not use that time to speak directly to Pope Francis? He’s asking for us to do it.

Tell It to Francis.

Transcripción de Video

Nicole: Es emocionante que quiera saber de nosotros.

Brandon: Me encanta. Díselo a Francis.

Nicole: Ha sido una gran bendición que haya solicitado nuestras respuestas. Cosas que nos excitan y las cosas que nos desaniman y… Nuestras preocupaciones, nuestras esperanzas.

Erin: Pero me siento como en algunos temas, no está claro lo que está bien y lo que está mal.

Qai: Al igual que si puedo ser inspirador de todos modos, entonces trato de serlo.

Brandon: Para mí las redes sociales… Crecí en un lugar muy limitado y la base que me seguía en casa? Pueden ver el mundo a través de mis lentes.

Anna: Gracias por ser más abiertos y mostrar al mundo que la Iglesia Católica es universal.

Armando: Y vernos realmente como la próxima luz al final del túnel para este mundo.

Nicole: Si el Papa nos pide que utilicemos algo que ya estamos usando todos los días en nuestros teléfonos inteligentes? ¿Por qué no usar ese tiempo para hablar directamente con el Papa Francisco? Nos está pidiendo que lo hagamos.

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