What is a Ciborium?

Can you guess the meaning of ‘ciborium’? Can you pronounce it? We asked these young adults in our latest round of Catholic 101 trivia!

Video Transcript

Natural: Ciborium.

Francois: Ciborium.

Kevin: I don’t even know how to pronounce it right.

Channing: Do we get like three hints?

Sarah: Phone a friend.

Channing: Can we—

Randy: I think it’s an atomic element.

Robert: You’re right, you’re right.

Randy: Ciborium. It’s on the periodic table.

Tommy: Is that what holds the—

Robert: I’m going to say it’s a hallway. I’ll go with a hallway.


Tommy: The unconsecrated host, or consecrated host?


Natural: This has to do with a bowl, right? Is this the bowl where the Eucharist is in?

Grotto: Ciborium. A bowl or chalice-shaped vessel to hold the consecrated hosts for the distribution of Holy Communion.

LeShane: Oh. Okay.

Rachel M.: Maybe next time.

LeShane: Yeah, I think we’ll get the next one correct. And now I know that.

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