Truths About Real Life Exorcisms

What happens during an exorcism in real life? Play two truths and a lie with us to find out!

Video Transcript

Director: Exorcisms.

Brandon: Oh Exorcisms. That’s juicy.

Joe: Are we playing against each other?

Director: You are a team.

Brandon: Okay good.

Joe: Oh, blessed.

Catholic 101 Exorcisms

How to Play: Three “facts” about real-life exorcisms are given. Players must correctly choose which “fact” is false.

2 Truths and a Lie: Exorcisms

Multiple exorcisms | Mother Teresa | Exorcisms must be performed alone

Leesa: A. Some people require more than one exorcism.

Joe: A prayer of exorcism was recited over Mother Teresa.

Gretchen: According to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, exorcists should perform the ritual alone, to effectively draw the devil out of the victim’s body.

Sara: “A” is true.

Savannah: Okay.

Sara: Because sometimes, they don’t come out all at once.

Dain: Mother Teresa?

Sarah: I feel like that was a thing.

Dain: Really?

Sarah: I feel like that happened.

Joe: I would be surprised if the Catholic bishops were like “No you’ve got to be by yourself on that.” There’s got to be witnesses.

Leesa: I don’t know, because when you watch these scary movies, they don’t do them by themselves.

Sara: We’ll go with “C” is the lie.


Savannah: Yeah.

Sara: Yeah.

Sarah: Okay we’re going to go with “C”.


Dain: Yay.

Sarah: Oh, Nice.

Exorcists are instructed to never be alone with someone struggling with demonic possession.

2 Truths and a Lie: Exorcisms

Annual conference | Requests have increased | Differ with gender and age

Sara: Exorcists have their own annual conference at the Vatican.

Marie: Requests for exorcisms have increased.

Leesa: Exorcisms differ based on the gender and age of the victim. Evil is evil.

Sarah: I don’t really hear about exorcisms much. Do you?

Dain: No.

Sarah: I feel like that’s like an old time thing.

Leesa: I don’t think people would ask for exorcisms no more. Everybody’s going to be like “You need Jesus” and then they tell them to get out of their face.

Marie: I feel like every exorcism is probably personalized.

Sean: Like in the exorcism handbook, they have like “16 year old female, 30 year old male” I don’t know.

Leesa: Okay. We’re going to go with “The requests for exorcisms have increased.”


Sara: We’re going to go with “B” is a lie.


Sean: There’s no way they have their own conference.

Dakai: Probably not in the Vatican. It’s probably somewhere else.


Director: They have an annual conference.

Sean: What?

Exorcisms prayers and rituals differ according to the degree of evil they confront, not according to the gender or age of the victim.

2 Truths and a Lie: Exorcisms

Only when possessed by the devil | Ritual symbols | Signs of possession

Sarah: Exorcisms are only performed when someone is possessed by the devil. That’s a lie.

Savannah: Gospel readings, the crucifix, and the breathing on someone’s face are ritual symbols used in exorcisms.

Gretchen: Signs of possession include: superhuman strength, speaking in unknown languages, and aversion to holy water.

Joe: Breathing on someone’s face, that’s somewhere in Scripture I just can’t find it right now.

Brandon: Well I mean God breathed into Adam. 

Joe: There you go. Wow. Way to find it in Genesis.

Savannah: I think that’s like a wording thing. Because is it like “Possessed by the devil?” 

Sara: Or is it possessed by a demon.

Savannah: Or is it just by like, demons.

Sara: Ah, I’m glad you caught that.

Joe: Emphasis on the devil.

Brandon: Yeah, right.

Joe: He’s got plenty of workers that are yeah, send them out into the swine. Okay so, “A” is the lie.


Sara: Going with “A”. Final answer.

Savannah: Final Answer.


Sara: There we go.

Savannah: Yeah.

Sara: Killing it.

Major exorcisms are solemn rites used to expel demons, but there is another, minor form of exorcism that is included in the prayers offered when someone is baptized. These minor exorcisms are simply prayers to break the influence of evil and sin in a person’s life.

Leesa: Do people actually breathe on people’s faces? 

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