What is Lent? Catholic Trivia

What is Lent?

How does your Lenten knowledge stack up to these students’ and recent grads’?

Video Transcript

Brian: “What is Lent?” Got it?

What is Lent?

Sean: Me? Okay. Um…

Randy: It’s the stuff that builds up in your pockets after a while and then you like pick it out.

Robert: Isn’t it a vegetable?

Anna: The 40 days leading up to … um …

Coty: Like fasting, something like …

Lester: A religious practice, like devotion.

Coty: Yeah.

Armando: It’s that time to build your relationship with God and really take time to reflect on yourself.

Maria: It’s like our time to be in remembrance of what Christ has done for us. And so we do that in signs of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Robert: No, it’s the derivative of lentil. Okay.

Randy: Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We’re in this together. Lent.

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