Happy Easter from Grotto!

Happy Easter! Here's an Easter message from Grotto.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck in a cold, dark place

If you’ve been wondering when you’ll break out of that rut that keeps you running in circles

If your heart is broken over all the unjust suffering in this world

If you’re full of sorrow and can’t see a way to get past what you’ve lost

If you feel like a fool for wondering if there’s more to this world than we can see and touch

… then God has something to say to you.

It’s simply this: I am with you, and I make all things new. 

We were created for more than this world can give us. We know this in our bones — that’s why our hearts are restless and broken and tired and confused and unsatisfied. We are destined for more — and Easter reveals just what that “more” is. 

At the center of it all stands Jesus Christ, who suffered and died and rose again. The new life of his resurrection that bloomed on Easter morning changes everything for us. It’s God’s promise to us that even in the coldest, darkest moments of our lives — perhaps especially in those experiences — He makes all things new. 

This is why we proclaim ALLELUIA. The word means “God be praised” — it’s about the only thing we can say to all the ways He reaches into our lives to draw us closer. 

Know that our Grotto team is praying for you, dear reader. We’re grateful to be walking with you toward this promise of new life. Say it with us: ALLELUIA!

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